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Some wildlife, such as racoons and squirrels, have become a common sight in urban and suburban areas. While these animals deserve food and shelter, having them around residential and commercial buildings can lead to problems.

If you have groundhogs, raccoons, squirrels, or any other wildlife on your property, it’s best to contact certified experts in removing or controlling these animals to prevent injuring yourself or hurting them.

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Groundhog, also popularly as a woodchuck, is a kind of rodent commonly found in the central and eastern parts of United States, and also in Alaska and Canada.

Groundhogs are diurnal which means they are active during the day. These animals are considered herbivores, but they also eat insects occasionally. Groundhogs are voracious eaters. Their daily diet amounts to one-third of their weight.

With their long and sharp claws, groundhogs dig complex underground tunnels for shelter, for hoarding food, and for a safe place where they can hibernate during winter. They prefer to build their burrows in well-draining soil in an area near trees, fence rows or hedgerows.

Groundhogs as Pests

Groundhogs are one of the common wildlife invaders in residential and commercial properties. Being voracious eater, a groundhog can cause significant damage to backyard and vegetable gardens. They can wipe out your plants in minutes.

Their digging ability can also be a source of problems. The intricate underground tunnels they build for shelter and food storage can result in hollowed parts which can ruin landscaped gardens. The burrows can also affect the root system which in turn can cause the plants to wither.

Illiana Groundhog Removal Services

There are several ways to prevent or control groundhogs from getting into your property. You can sprinkle ground black pepper or talcum powder around your garden or spray your plants with a mixture of pureed pepper and garlic.

For drastic measures, you can install deterrents, such as tall special fences, to keep groundhogs out of your property.

However, the most effective way of getting rid of these destructive animals is to hire a groundhog removal company. Our groundhog removal solutions are safe, humane, and guaranteed effective.


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