Villa Park Wildlife Removal

Have your property or home been invaded by wildlife? As much as you want to live in harmony with these animals, they can be destructive and a threat to your health and safety which is why they need to be removed.

If you are looking for an effective and safe way to get rid of wildlife on your property, contact Illiana Wildlife Services today. Our removal services include short-term and long-term solutions to various wildlife problems.


Moles can be found anywhere in the world except in Antarctica and South America. They prefer to live in grasslands, woodlands, and sand dunes and they tend to avoid areas with acidic soil and mountainous places.

Being solitary animals, they spend most of their lives on their own. Moles spend most of their day digging intricate underground tunnels which they use for travelling, shelter and for searching food. The entrance of these tunnels is usually narrower than the tunnels under the ground.

Moles are carnivores. Their diet consists of insects particularly earthworms. They eat earthworms more than half of their body weight per day. Moles are blind is a total myth. They can see but very poorly. They only see light and signs of movement. Moles use sensors at the tip of their nose to search for food.

During mating season, male moles build a chamber in one of the tunnels where the female can give birth. At five or six weeks, pups will leave the tunnel and build their own.

Moles as Yard Invaders

Contrary to what many people believe, moles do not eat garden plants or vegetables when they invade yards. The damage they cause is mainly due to their extensive digging habits. Digging tunnels can create holes in landscaped yards and destroy the plants’ root system causing them to not receive enough nourishment.

Illiana Mole Removal Services

There are several ways to get rid of moles of your property. However, the most effective way is to trap them. Allowing a mole removal expert to do the job will save you time and energy as they are more knowledgeable about the animal’s behavior. Illiana Wildlife Services has experts trained at removing moles effectively by trapping.

If moles have become a problem for you, contact us right away.


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