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Groundhog Removal Indiana
Photo credit: ShenandoahNPS / Foter / CC BY

We recently received a call to remove a ground hog that was out in the middle of the day and wouldn’t run away when approached by people. We came and found the animal and were able to walk up to it and place it in a cage using a catch pole. We are not vets but it is easy to tell when something is not right. If you come across wildlife that is not afraid of humans or an animal that is usually nocturnal that is out in the middle of the day I would caution you to be careful. Some of these animals may be sick and some of the diseases that animals may carry are transferable to humans or pets. Better to leave the animal alone or if it is causing a nuisance or endangering people or pets to call us and we can remove it safely and humanely.

We are also specialized in removing animals from the attic. Give us a call for any wildlife pest control and animal trapping jobs like raccoon removal, skunks living under your deck or moles digging up your yard.  We would love to take care of that for you as well.

Get rid of groundhogs and call us for all your  wildlife removal needs today!

Valparaiso Portage Crown Point Merrillville Animal Removal
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