Tinley Park Illinois Wildlife Removal

Removing wildlife from your property is a risky task. You could get injured or bitten by the animal, the animal could get hurt or the animal could cause damage to your property as it attempts to escape. Hiring a professional to do the job is the best thing you can do.

In suburban areas, such as Tinley Park, wildlife entering residential areas are a common occurrence. Wildlife removal professionals can help you to remove these animals safely and effectively.

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Beaver Removal Services in Tinley Park IL

Beavers are rodents that thrive near rivers and streams. They don’t enter yards or buildings, but they can be a nuisance. Beavers are known for building dams in rivers and streams so water flow can divert to shallow fields. Once the area is flooded, they build lodges, with an underwater entrance, made of sticks and mud as a shelter for their family.

The flood can get to roads and private properties when beavers build dams in culverts and pipes drainage.

Beavers are protected by the law and can only be trapped or killed by season. Only registered wildlife removal agencies are allowed to trap them whenever necessary. We can effectively remove beavers near your property by setting up traps at the entrance of the lodges.

Bats Removal Services in Tinley Park IL

Bats can live in attics undetected until they have formed a large colony. Their wastes can fill up the entire area and cause damage to the floorboards. Their wastes can also be health-threatening. The fungus can thrive from bat droppings and can cause infection when spores are inhaled by humans. The strong pervasive odor from the urine can also spread to other areas of the house.

Removing a colony of bats is a tricky and tedious task better left in the hands of professionals. Our bat removal services include:

  • Full Property Inspection
  • Installation of One-way Devices In Bat Holes
  • Sealing of Entrance Holes
  • Repair of Damaged Structures
  • Cleanup and Odor Removal

Squirrel Removal Services in Tinley Park IL

Squirrels prefer to live in areas with lush vegetation where they can easily look for food, such as nuts, berries, fruits, beetles, and bird eggs. These animals can cause damage by digging in lawns to bury their stash of nuts and by getting into attics through holes to build their nests. Once inside the attic, they can chew on electrical wirings, roof tiles, and beams.

If you spot a squirrel in your home, expect to find more in hiding. The best way to remove them from your property is to hire a professional. Our squirrel removal services include setting up traps and sealing the entrances.

If you see wildlife lurking in your property, call us right away. We provide long-term solutions to any type of wildlife problems.


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