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Dyer Wildlife Removal

Illiana Wildlife Services is your pest control and animal trapping specialists in Dyer IN.  We specialize in removal and control of animals in attics.  These are usually bats, raccoons, or squirrels, depending on the season. We are state licensed with the DNR for wildlife removal.

Once the critters are gone from your attic we can give you an estimate for any damage that they may have caused. Animals can carry diseases like rabies or raccoon roundworm and that is always a concern, but usually the greater damage is due to the compaction that they do to your insulation, resulting in higher utility bills. They also can put holes in roofs or tear holes in soffit and or fascia. We fix it all. In many cases the damage caused by animals is covered by insurance.

Dyer Wildlife Removal
Photo credit: wplynn / Foter / CC BY-ND

We think that the way the way we price our jobs are a great deal for the customer. We quote a “flat rate” to remove the raccoons and squirrels from your attic and make sure they can’t return. Some companies charge per animal. You don’t know how many animals are up there. Call us for pricing!

Just because we specialize in removing animals from your attic doesn’t mean we don’t take care of the rest. If you have ground hogs, skunks living under your deck or moles digging up your yard give us a call.  We would love to take care of that for you as well.

Bats are more common than one may think. If you have bats in your attic you need a bat exclusion. Bats are not trapped, instead they are allowed to release themselves through the use of a one way door called a Bat cone after every opening around the house that a bat can get in is sealed up. Since there are so many styles and conditions of homes we can’t quote this one over the phone but the good thing is we offer an inspection!

Call Dyer Wildlife Removal and be animal free today!

Dyer Wildlife Removal
Illiana Wildlife Services – Northwest Indiana
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Squirrels in my Apartment

Squirrels are a constant in this business. They are just so busy and there are so many of them. Couple that with the fact that they like older mature trees that are usually found in older neighborhoods where the homes may be in need of some updating and you get a lot of “squirrels in my attic” calls. Recently, I have been getting a lot of “squirrels in my apartment” calls. Sometimes I get a phone call from the tenant and sometimes from the landlord.

A couple of things that make “squirrels in my apartment” a little bit more difficult than a typical “squirrels in my attic” call. Sometimes tenants call us and want to hire us. Because we seal up the hole so no more animals can get in we need owner permission before we do any work to a building. Even if you as a tenant are going to be the one paying us please have a conversation with the landlord before setting up service.

Squirrels in my Apartment
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If you are calling as a landlord, please get your tenants on board. In a lot of cases we will need access to a unit or attic and it is always helpful if the tenant is aware we are coming. In some cases it might even be wise to give us the tenants number or give them ours and we can set up a time that works for them.

We like to offer a flat rate to solve a problem. I think that is the most fair for the homeowner. It is relatively easy to perform squirrel trapping out of a yard but if you aren’t getting the ones going into the attic your problem isn’t solved but your bill will be high if you are paying per animal. When I say we solve a problem that means we come out, do an inspection, remove offending squirrels, and seal the hole so neighboring squirrels cannot move in.

A couple things to consider when getting a price to remove squirrels from your home is the height at which we have to work to seal the hole and remove the squirrels. We have some tall ladders and also, access to a lift if needed but that does involve more cost. Also, the condition of the building and what it is going to take to seal all the entrance holes that the squirrels are using need to be taken into consideration.

Give us a call at 219-464-7966 in Indiana or 708-320-0004 in Illinois to schedule an inspection to get rid of pests and squirrels in your apartment or building today.

Squirrels in my Apartment
Illiana Wildlife Services – Indianapolis
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