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Newton County Wildlife Removal

Illiana Wildlife Services has one of the best wildlife removal and pest solutions specialists in Newton County, Indiana. If you happen to have a colony of raccoons, squirrels, bats and similar wild animals in the attic, you should be ready to deal with them before it is too late. You can trap those animals yourself should you know how to go about it, but it is a great idea to go about animals like raccoon removal with the assistance of a team of Newton County Wildlife removal.


Through the gaps in the roof, these animals get into your attic and live there as long as no action is taken to expel them. Raccoons make your attic stinky by defecating and urinating. They don’t stop there and damage the insulation, electricity wires, furniture, and the rest of the stuff lying there.

Newton County Wildlife Removal
Photo credit: Carsten Volkwein / Foter / CC BY-SA

As time goes by, you will see poop and dead animals all over your attic, which not only make your attic smell bad but also cause a host of diseases to everyone living below the attic: your family and pets. Often, you will see your pets scratching themselves and kids in bed with rabies and other disease.


Once we are in your house, we will set up traps to catch animals within a few days and then release them somewhere far away from your residence, so they don’t get back again. Apart from the attic, we also do wildlife removal Newton for other areas, such as your garden and yard. Moles dig up yards, ruining all the beauty. We can get them off your yard or garden too.


You can call us for questions regarding attic restoration Newton county or attic repair Newton County through a call. But as you already know that without inspection it is close to impossible to give a rate for our services. We offer a fixed rate for all that we do including wildlife pest exclusion, attic repair Newton County, Newton county wildlife removal, bat removal Newton County and Squirrel removal attic.


Below are our contact numbers you can use to book an inspection. Contact us today!

Newton County Wildlife Removal
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