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Roof Repair

As we all know, raccoons can be very hard on your roof. In most cases, they are exploiting a pre-existing weakness. Your roof may have been damaged by ice damming or water, and the raccoons seem to know right where to go to find their way into your attic. Sometimes, they don’t make it all the way in, but not before they do some considerable damage to your shingles.

Roof Repair Indiana
Roof Repair Indiana
Roof Repair Valparaiso
Roof Repair Valparaiso

Most of the time, our service includes a temporary board over the animal made hole after the animals have been removed so new raccoons don’t move in before permanent repairs can be made. If you want us to repair the hole, we are very capable of that and would love to help you with that.

Raccoon damage to your roof
Raccoon damage to your roof
Roof damaged caused by raccoons
Roof damaged caused by raccoons

We can usually quote animal removal prices over the phone. However, we do need to view damages before quoting the repair work. Having nuisance animals in your home is hassle enough. If we can make your life easier by repairing the damage done, we would be happy to do that.

As we said, we’ll do whatever makes this process as easy as possible for our customer, who never planned on sharing a home with critters.

Snow Can Tell a Story

Winter has always been a fascinating season for me. I’m sure most—or at least some—of you agree with me on this. Watching the snow fall, admiring the perfectly white settled snow, and looking at the beautiful patterns of snowflakes on glass windows are some of the things we love about winter.

This season is also a great time to watch winter animals playing around. Anyone who is lucky enough to have witnessed a fox, a rabbit, or any other animal graciously moving through the white sheet of undisturbed snow will tell you that it is indeed a mesmerizing experience. But if that certain animal attempts to break into your home, would it still be as mesmerizing? I don’t think so.

Nuisance animals during the winter

It was a cold winter day when we received a phone call from a customer telling us that some kind of animal attempted to enter their house through their roof. I was intrigued. I headed over to the customer’s house and was instantly greeted by the following:

Raccoon snow tracks 1

Animal tracks! Based on their size and shape, we found out that these tracks were made by raccoons. Thanks to the snow we were able to easily follow the footprints.

Raccoon tracks 2

If you look closely at the photo above you will notice that the raccoon walked around the side of the house, presumably looking for a way inside. The raccoon walked around the bush and went towards the tree.

Raccoon snow tracks 3

The animal climbed up the tree (raccoons are great climbers, thanks to their agile paws) and on to the roof.

Raccoon destroys roof

From there the raccoon tried to break into my customer’s house. Thankfully their chimney is covered. The animal failed and decided to leave, but not before he tears up some shingles. The photo above shows that the raccoon did some significant amount of damage to the roof. The raccoon may have been looking for food or shelter; this happens quite frequently during the winter.

In need of animal removal services?

Are you in need wildlife removal services? The experts here at Illiana Wildlife Services are always ready to help, no matter what the season is. We will perform a thorough inspection of your house or property before performing the nuisance animal exclusion and removal. We will ensure you that your house will be critter-free, and we’ll make sure it stays that way.

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Raccoon Damage in Attic

Raccoon removal Illiana
A raccoon entered the attic of this home through this wooden soffit which he chewed his way through
Illiana Raccoon removal
This is where a raccoon clawed its way through a shingle roof to gain entry to this attic
raccoon wildlife
raccoon feces in an attic
raccoon in the attics
raccoon feces in an attic. Notice the compressed insulation.

These are some more pictures I have taken of raccoon damage in an attic I have been in recently.  When raccoons cause damage they really cause damage! Not only are their feces dangerous, which carry the raccoon roundworm, but I believe the real damage lies in the money that is wasted on higher heating bills over the lifetime of the home if that attic is not restored.

You see, raccoons in their activities trample your insulation down until it is only working at a small percentage of what it was before they got in your attic.  Lower R value = Higher heating bills.

The good news is that some homeowners insurance covers damage caused by raccoons. For the cost of your deductible you can get an attic that is fully restored and is more energy efficient than before the raccoons got in your attic, actually saving money in the long run. Your insurance doesn’t just repair attics but all of the damage caused by the raccoons; whether it is damage to your roof or soffit or fascia. It wouldn’t hurt to check with your insurance company to see if this is covered.

We do pest control, animal trapping and damage repair including repairs to your attic and replacing insulation. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. We work with insurance companies or homeowners who wish to pay out of pocket.

For more information on getting your animal damage to your home restored, give us a call!

Raccoon Damage in Attic
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Flying Squirrels in Merrillville

2014 is over, and now we have 2015 ahead of us. In January 2015, we got a call from a house in Merrillville. The owner wanted to hire our services to catch some flying squirrels from his attic. We did just that.

After trapping the squirrels, we took them to a licensed rehabber. He will release them at the right time. Since it is very cold in January, removing the squirrels from their warm, comfy stashes of nuts and releasing them into the woods was not a good idea. There is a good chance that they would die of cold. So, we decided to hand them over to the rehabber.

Flying Squirrels in Merrillville
Photo credit: ibm4381 / Foter / CC BY

Apart from the squirrels, we also trapped and removed a raccoon from the attic of a house located in Calumet City IL. After our experts removed the raccoons successfully, the owner visited his insurance company to file a claim for the damage caused to his attic by the raccoons. The raccoons tore holes in the roof of his house in a couple of days in addition to damaging the insulation paper.

Hopefully, 2014 is going to be a really busy year for us. So, if you have some squirrel trapping and wildlife control/removal job for us, please give us a call at 219-464-7966. We will be over the moon to help you.

Flying Squirrels in Merrillville
Illiana Wildlife Services – Northwest Indiana
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Raccoon Removal from an Attic

We have been removing a lot of raccoons from attics lately and for the most part it is pretty straight forward.  Raccoons have a sweet tooth and appeal to it and the battle is half over.

We were just recently hired for raccoon removal from a church in Hamlet IN. What had happened was the church had caught a raccoon this summer and had relocated it about 3 miles away. A couple of weeks ago they had the soffit repaired that was damaged by the raccoon. Then they started seeing damage to the ceiling in the sanctuary.  That’s when they called me.

Raccoon Removal from an Attic
Photo credit: Tobyotter / Foter / CC BY

I’m thinking straight forward again, right? Not exactly. After a week of trying different baits and different kind of traps I was no closer to catching him than day one.  I could not get this raccoon take any interest in any kind of bait that I was offering.

What I ended up doing was removing the repair to the soffit and set a trap in such a way that he had to go through the trap to exit the building through the hole he was accustomed to. It worked!

I think it might be a safe bet that this raccoon had been trapped in a baited trap before. Possibly even the one that was removed from the same church this summer.

If you are looking for a wildlife control and raccoon trapping experts to remove raccoon in your attic, give us a call. Not only can we remove the animal we also work with your insurance company to repair the damage that they cause. Our number is 708-320-0004 in Illinois.

Raccoon Removal from an Attic
Illiana Wildlife Services – Indianapolis
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Raccoons Causing Damage

This has been the busiest week in a long time for raccoon calls.

Raccoons are causing damage in an attic in Palos Hills IL where we found three of them. They had scratched a hole in the roof causing the roof to leak. They also trampled the insulation so that it doesn’t work as well anymore, not to mention the feces everywhere and the urine smell.

We are also removing raccoons from an apartment complex in Gary IN. They tore a piece of soffit down to gain entry into the attic. We are also trapping a raccoon that is living in a church in Hamlet IN.

Raccoons are damaging a home in Calumet City where they are entering the home through some storm damage. We also had a call for raccoons on the roof of an apartment building in Chicago IL. The neighbors also complained about raccoons in the garbage.

Raccoons Causing Damage
Photo credit: stevehdc / Foter / CC BY-SA

In all these cases once the trapping is over we are willing and able to do attic restoration.  We remove the damaged insulation and replace it with brand new. We also do exterior repairs. In most cases insurance companies pay for the damage caused by animals.  We work with insurance companies.

Get rid of raccoons today! We also accept other pest control and wildlife trapping services like squirrel calls. Everything from squirrels chewing on  siding on the exterior of a home in Beverly Shores IN to squirrels inside an attic in Calumet Park IL.

Raccoons Causing Damage
Illiana Wildlife Services – Indianapolis
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