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Poison squirrels? No way and here’s why!

I was just looking through the search terms that people googled to find my website and one of them was “how to poison squirrels.” I think that this is such a bad idea that I thought it was worth writing a blog about.  And, the reason why might surprise you.

If you have squirrels in your attic and a squirrel control company poisons them, now you have to find a dead animal because the odor is going to be intolerable. Poison works well for mice. They are relatively small and dry out with no odor when poisoned. Squirrels are just too big. They will start to decompose and create an odor problem long before they completely dry out. Then you have the difficulty of trying to find an animal that isn’t making any sound and oftentimes includes cutting into the walls of your home to find the animal. What if there is more than one? In most cases finding a dead squirrel is going to cost more than trapping a live one.

Poison squirrels
Photo credit: ex_magician / Foter / CC BY

Ok, so poison is a bad idea. What is the correct way to handle a squirrel nuisance? Trapping. There are basically two kinds of traps; live traps and lethal traps. The live traps can be bought from most of your local hardware or big box and they work well. Peanuts or walnuts with peanut butter will catch them every time.  My preferred method of trapping squirrels is to find where they are entering the home and set a double door trap over the hole and catch them coming or going. Once I have them I seal the hole. Problem solved. It might be hard to find a double door trap at the hardware store. You might have to go to a wildlife control supply company online.

And, for the person who doesn’t want to get on that roof or crawl in that attic or buy traps that they might only use once, Illiana Wildlife Services would be happy to solve your squirrel issue and do squirrel trapping for you. Get rid of squirrels now! We service Lake and Porter County Indian ra and Cook County Illinois.

Poison squirrels? No way and here’s why!
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