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Merrillville Wildlife Removal

Illiana Wildlife Services is one of the most trustworthy Merrillville wildlife removal companies in Northwest Indiana. Our wildlife specialists are famous for safe removal of animals in the attic and affordable pest solution. The animals we usually trap and remove from attics are bats, squirrels, snakes, raccoons and rodents based on the time of year. Our company is state licensed, which makes it prominent and more reliable.

After we have picked up and removed every adult and baby animal from your attic, we can give a quote for the repair of damaged areas of your attic. If wildlife animals exist in your attic, you should be ready to hurt you wallet because you will be paying heavy utility bills. But if you get them removed today, you can save a lot of money down the road.

Wildlife animals in your attic have a lot to damage. During our inspections of attics in Indiana, we have seen insulation paper, old furniture and electrical wires damaged by raccoons, squirrels and other animals. Mother raccoons break into a house, especially attics by tearing holes into the roof. Needless to say you have to pay for the replacement of insulation and repair of roof.

Merrillville Wildlife Removal
Photo credit: The hills are alive* / Foter / CC BY

The animals in the attic not only make lots of noise, they also defecate and urinate wherever they like in the attic. Their droppings may spread diseases, such as rabies and roundworm, which is rare though. But it is better that you be on the safe side.

What makes Illiana Wildlife Services a best choice is their service charges. We offer a flat rate for animal removal. Upon the completion of the inspection, we will let you know the total amount we will charge for getting all the wildlife removed from your basement, attic or other places we agreed upon.

Attics usually get infested with bats in the cold season: winter. If you have witnessed some bats sleeping in your third flood, you have a bat problem. We use our Bat Cone to make the bats release themselves from the attic. After we have finished with the bat removal process, we go ahead and seal up any small or large openings, cracks or holes in the attic to prevent the bats or other wildlife creatures from breaking into your attic in the future.

We offer the best wildlife pest removal which can help you get rid of any skunks or moles taking up residence in your lawn, garden or yard.

Call us for an inspection and Merrillville Wildlife Removal helps you with  your animal removal needs today!

Merrillville Wildlife Removal
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