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When animals break into your attic, they quickly come in contact with your insulation and if left up there for a while, they can really wreak havoc. That is where Illiana Wildlife Services comes in. Not only do we remove the animals, but we also repair the damage, including damage to your attic’s insulation.

We commonly see the most damage done to attics by raccoons.   When they walk over your insulation, they compress it, destroying its R value, resulting in decreased energy efficiency and higher utility bills.

Damaged insulation cleaned out before new blown in insulation in Crown Point IN
Damaged insulation cleaned out before new blown in insulation in Crown Point IN

Animals damages the attic

The other animals that commonly do damage to your attics’ insulation are bats. Not that they are heavy, but because bats are small it makes it easier for them to fit in small holes, and the accumulation of feces and urine leaves an odor. Getting rid of it means completely removing the existing insulation and then replacing it with a new one after spraying a deodorizer or disinfectant.

Raccoon feces in Crown Point IN
Raccoon feces in Crown Point IN
Bat guano in an attic in Merrillville IN
Bat guano in an attic in Merrillville IN
Raccoon feces in an attic in Merrillville IN
Raccoon feces in an attic in Merrillville IN

Sometimes, a complete removal/replacement is not necessary and all we need to do is add an insulation for minor damages. The homeowner may also be short on insulation, or may want to sell their home someday and want to avoid the stigma or questions when the home buyer’s inspector opens up the attic and sees feces.

Everyone’s situation is different. For some people, their homeowners insurance covers animal damages. However, other people pay out of their own pockets. We try to weigh all the factors and then advise clients on how we would react in their situation.

New blown in insulation in Valparaiso IN
New blown in insulation in Valparaiso IN

Insulation and the resulting lower utility bills it provide.

We do love insulation and the resulting lower utility bills it provides. Sometimes, there are Federal tax rebates for energy efficiency upgrades. If you have had animals in your attic in the past or currently have animals and need them removed, ask us about our services. We would love to help.

Attic Insulation

If you notice strange noises in your attic such as scratching, scuttling, digging, thumping, or perhaps even vocal squeaks, there is a high chance that your attic has been invaded by wildlife animals. Critters like rats, mice, squirrels, bats, and raccoons are often found nesting inside closets and drawers. These animals, although tiny, can cause severe damage when left alone. Raccoons are the most common animal that we usually encounter whenever we inspect our clients’ attics. They are also the ones causing the most significant amount of damage. Attic insulation that used to be perfectly clean will get damaged and soiled. Rodents like squirrels and mice are also known for their constant chewing habits. Exposed cable wires can become fire hazards.

attic insulation
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Attic Insulation Damage

Animals that have taken up residence in your attic will urinate and defecate on your insulation, this will cause foul odor that will eventually spread all throughout the household. The smell isn’t the only problem; soiled insulation may also carry various diseases and parasites that are hazardous to humans.

On average, household heating and cooling machines consume the most amount of energy. This means that the less insulated your home is, the higher your electric bill becomes. Damaged or unkempt insulation becomes ineffective which results to higher energy usage.

Before we start cleaning your attic insulation, we will first perform all the necessary wildlife animal control and critter removal procedures to make sure that no other animals are left hiding inside the attic space. We will then start covering up all the possible entry holes to prevent future animal infestations. Please note that bat infestations need to be handled properly. Some bat species are protected by the law. We try to avoid excluding bats from attics during the month of July because female bats are usually nursing their young around this time. If the adult bat is excluded, the young pups will eventually die from starvation.

Once all the necessary methods have been performed, we will then start cleaning the mess left behind on the insulation. It is important that all the soiled material gets removed; otherwise, the smell would eventually attract other animals into your attic. We completely remove all of the insulation to prevent contamination. Our services include sanitization and deodorization of the entire attic area before properly installing the fresh insulation.

If you suspect animals are ruining your insulation, possibly resulting to an increase in your electricity bill, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always willing to help.

Animal Damage Repair

When customers call us regarding their problem with wildlife infestations, they usually also ask us to help out with the damages left behind. In fact, the first thing that most homeowners notice are the damages caused by the animals and not the animals themselves! Larger animals, like raccoons, are actually capable of creating holes in your soffit or roof. Other types of animal damage include ruined insulation, animal feces and chewed wiring.

Wood pecker repair

Not all Damage is Physical

When we talk to our customers about the damage repair to their home, we primarily discuss three different things. The first is obviously, the physical damage as stated above. The next two dimensions to animal damage that we are concerned about are the effects to your resale value and energy efficiency. What will a prospective buyer say when their home inspector tells them that the attic has feces in it? Any time a heavy animal like a raccoon is able to spend a period of days or weeks in your attic you will see heavy trampling, damaging the R value of your insulation, resulting in higher utility bills until it has been fixed.

Animal Damage Repair

We Can Fix the Damages for You

Many insurance companies will help pay for animal damage to your home.  Whether out of pocket or through insurance, we can bring your home back to pre animal infestation condition or better!

Preventing Future Animal Infestations

It is important that no other wildlife animals are left inside the building before we seal any holes and crevices because once they get stuck inside, they will cause more damage. They could also die inside your house and eventually rot, and nobody likes a rotting animal in their home! Once we are sure that all animals have been safely excluded from your home or business establishment, we can start fixing the damage. We will tightly seal all the holes that have been caused by the animals. Larger holes may need advanced fixes, which we are also capable of fixing. Cracks and crevices can be sealed to prevent small creatures, such as bats and mice, from re-entering.

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