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Flying Squirrels in Northwest IN

Flying squirrels in Northwest IN are not something that we deal with on a regular basis. They just don’t seem to be very common. So imagine our surprise when we got 3 calls that ended up being flying squirrels in one week!

Flying squirrels are rodents and have ever growing incisors as they love to chew. They are also nocturnal. When we get a phone call with a description of night time activity, it is going to be raccoons, bats, mice, or flyers. Usually, we can determine if it is or isn’t raccoons by a few more questions. They are large animals and their entry hole into your home is usually visible from the ground. That leaves us to determine if bats, mice or flying squirrels are the source of the noise.

Flying squirrels in Northwest IN

The only way to correctly determine at that point is with a visual inspection. Bats have a very distinctive dropping, unlike rodents. Mice and flying squirrels dropping size is very similar but flying squirrels tend to use toilets (one distinct area to use as a bathroom), as opposed to mice, which defecate everywhere.

Once the animal is identified, we can remove and prevent reentry. Flyers can be excluded from a home with the use of one way doors similar to the same way we do with bats. While we can and do trap a lot of animals a year, it always makes me feel good when we can come up with a humane solution that works for people and animals alike.

If you are getting a scratching noise in the middle of the night, give us a call. We would love to help!

Valparaiso Bat Removal

Bats are flying mammals which are mostly found all over the world. They cannot see colors so they usually rely on their “radar” system to find their way around and navigate through the hurdles during their night flight since they are nocturnal animals. In order for bats to survive, they need to eat mosquitoes, wasps, flies, beetles, or moths, for some species are considered as insectivores, while other bat species feed on fruits and some depend on nectar and pollen for food. Like many other animals, they also drink water.

By USFWS; Richard Stark
Photo credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service – Midwest Region / Foter / CC BY

Caves and the hollows of trees are what they use as shelter and what invite a large number of bats. Since they are not capable of boring holes and building their own place for roosting, they usually take up residence in unused buildings and in your attics especially that wild spaces and forests nowadays have already been taken over for urban development.

When bats are discovered to have accessed your house, make sure you contact the right persons who deliver the right solution. Solving this problem on your own may not be effective and may even worsen your problem. With the service provided by Valparaiso bat removal specialists – excellent and affordable, you would never have to worry about bats again.

Bats, with their sharp fangs, scary appearance, and nocturnal expedition, have always been associated with creepy stories and many other horror tales. Whether the stories that you heard about these mysterious animals are only myth or not, the fact is that you don’t want them to literally share home with you. Contact the experts of bat removal in Valparaiso to solve this problem.

Bats building a home in your own home will not only disturb you with their squeaking and scratching noises but will also expose you to countless health hazards. Do not tolerate bats any longer than the very moment you discover that they are present at home. Immediately seek the help of bat removal Valparaiso experts who are always ready and available.

Get rid of bats today and call us for all your animal control needs!

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