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Greenwood Indiana: The City of Pride

Basic Information


Located in Johnson County, Greenwood is a city in Indiana, United States, with a population of 53,665 (based on the 2013 census). With a total land area of 21.23 square miles, Greenwood was touted to be the most populous suburb in the south Indianapolis Metropolitan Area.Having two zip codes, 46142 and 46143, it is located between Interstate 65 and Indiana State Road 37.

Getting an average of 41 inches of rain and 17 inches of snow per year, Greenwood IN, has a total of 183 sunny days on average.

 Greenwood Indiana History


Under Indiana law in 1864, Greenwood was incorporated as a town and became a fifth-class city in 1960. Greenwood was originally named as Greenfield in 1825 but since another Greenfield already exists in Hancock County, it was changed to Greenwood soon after.

The first dwellers in Greenwood were Delaware Indians but they were wiped out of the area in 1813 by the Kentucky and Indiana militias. It was first known as the “Smocktown” before it became Greenfield in 1825.

Recreation: Unwind and De-stress in Greenwood Indiana

Greenwood Community Center

Greenwood commuity centerSeated next to the Greenwood Police Department, Greenwood Community Center is a multi-use facility along 100 Surina Way. Members can use the gymnasium for Open Play Volleyball while non-members can pay the daily fee to do so.

Greenwood Park Mall

Greenwood park mall

Located along U.S. Highway 31, Greenwood Park Mall is a primary destination for locals and tourists alike who like to shop all year round. With more than 140 stores, Greenwood Park Mall is the fourth largest shopping mall located in Indiana.

Owned and operated by Simon Property Group, the mall sits on an 87-acre land and has been serving Greenwood since 1966. The recent major renovation in 2007 added a lifestyle center component in the said mall.

 Greenwood Community Garden

Greenwood community garden

Love gardening? Greenwood Community Garden lets you rent a 20-foot by 20-foot plot for the season. Members, residents, and non-residents are all welcomed to rent plots.

Four Paws Dog Park

dog park

Want to walk your dog? Greenwood has a perfect place for you.  The Four Paws Dog Park is located at the University Park community and is open 365 days a year. Owners must first register their dogs at the Greenwood Community Center mentioned above and pay the annual registration fee or a one-time entry. Best to bring your veterinarian records with you upon registration.

 Other Greenwood Indiana Parks


Greenwood puts great emphasis on education to raise outstanding future community leaders by maintaining two public school corporations namely: Greenwood Community School Corporation, and Center Grove Community School Corporation.

Below is a list of some Greenwood Indiana schools:

High School

  • Greenwood Community High School
  • Center Grove High School

Middle School

  • Greenwood Community Middle School
  • Center Grove Middle School Central
  • Center Grove Middle School North

Elementary Schools

  • Southwest Elementary School
  • Northeast Elementary School
  • V.O. Isom Elementary School
  • Westwood Elementary School
  • Center Grove Elementary School
  • North Grove Middle School
  • Pleasant Grove Middle School
  • Sugar Grove Middle School
  • Maple Grove Middle School


When wildlife causes economic damage or poses a health concern it is time to remove them.There are various establishments that take care of wildlife removal in Greenwood Indiana and among the top companies offering animal control and pest solutions is the Illiana Wildlife Services.


Other services offered include attic cleanup, attic restoration, bat removal, squirrel removal, bird control, animal damage repair, beaver trapping, chipmunk removal, coyote trapping, ground hog removal, mole trapping, raccoon removal, rodent removal, skunk removal, snake removal, and dead animal removal.


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Greenwood Indiana: The City of Pride
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