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Flying Squirrels in Northwest IN

Flying squirrels in Northwest IN are not something that we deal with on a regular basis. They just don’t seem to be very common. So imagine our surprise when we got 3 calls that ended up being flying squirrels in one week!

Flying squirrels are rodents and have ever growing incisors as they love to chew. They are also nocturnal. When we get a phone call with a description of night time activity, it is going to be raccoons, bats, mice, or flyers. Usually, we can determine if it is or isn’t raccoons by a few more questions. They are large animals and their entry hole into your home is usually visible from the ground. That leaves us to determine if bats, mice or flying squirrels are the source of the noise.

Flying squirrels in Northwest IN

The only way to correctly determine at that point is with a visual inspection. Bats have a very distinctive dropping, unlike rodents. Mice and flying squirrels dropping size is very similar but flying squirrels tend to use toilets (one distinct area to use as a bathroom), as opposed to mice, which defecate everywhere.

Once the animal is identified, we can remove and prevent reentry. Flyers can be excluded from a home with the use of one way doors similar to the same way we do with bats. While we can and do trap a lot of animals a year, it always makes me feel good when we can come up with a humane solution that works for people and animals alike.

If you are getting a scratching noise in the middle of the night, give us a call. We would love to help!

Flying Squirrels in Merrillville

2014 is over, and now we have 2015 ahead of us. In January 2015, we got a call from a house in Merrillville. The owner wanted to hire our services to catch some flying squirrels from his attic. We did just that.

After trapping the squirrels, we took them to a licensed rehabber. He will release them at the right time. Since it is very cold in January, removing the squirrels from their warm, comfy stashes of nuts and releasing them into the woods was not a good idea. There is a good chance that they would die of cold. So, we decided to hand them over to the rehabber.

Flying Squirrels in Merrillville
Photo credit: ibm4381 / Foter / CC BY

Apart from the squirrels, we also trapped and removed a raccoon from the attic of a house located in Calumet City IL. After our experts removed the raccoons successfully, the owner visited his insurance company to file a claim for the damage caused to his attic by the raccoons. The raccoons tore holes in the roof of his house in a couple of days in addition to damaging the insulation paper.

Hopefully, 2014 is going to be a really busy year for us. So, if you have some squirrel trapping and wildlife control/removal job for us, please give us a call at 219-464-7966. We will be over the moon to help you.

Flying Squirrels in Merrillville
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