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Hamilton County Wildlife Removal

Illiana Wildlife Services’ animal control pros should be called in if you have a raccoon problem in your attic. Our pros clean up attics and remove all sorts of animals from attics ranging from raccoons, mice, squirrels, bats to snakes. Raccoons with diseases like rabies can contaminate the food in your house and damage your attic and whatever is stored in it. You should protect your kids, house and pets from these animals in the attic by calling our pros for Hamilton County wildlife removal.


Raccoons find a way into your attic by tearing up holes in the roof or they get in the gaps left in your windows and roof. The damage starts from your roof and then they cause damage to your ceiling, insulation, electrical wirings and different things stored in the attic.


Hamilton County Wildlife Removal
Photo credit: laser2k / Foter / CC BY-SA

Since these animals don’t go out to urinate or defecate, your attic is used by them as a toilet. This accumulates a pile of feces in this place which sometimes becomes dangerous if the animals have diseases like rabies.


You can call us for an inspection. We will inspect your house and attic thoroughly, catch the living or dead animals and transfer them to a distant location. Our hardworking, trained staff can also take care of any moles or skunks residing in your yard, lawn or garden. So, we offer squirrel removal, bat removal, raccoon removal and wildlife pest management services in Hamilton county. After our staff is done with the cleanup and wildlife removal Hamilton County, they will perform any attic repair Hamilton County for the same price.


At the end, we will close any gaps in windows or your roof or walls to make certain you won’t see those animals get in your house through them down the road. Check the following numbers and call us to run an inspection on your structure.


 Hamilton County Wildlife Removal
Illiana Wildlife Services – Indianapolis
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