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Give birds enough time and they will flock in quantity and a small bird problem becomes a large bird problem. Experts recommend that bird problems be controlled as soon as they are detected. Throughout history, birds have been known to cause several agricultural problems. Bird flocks aren’t all that uncommon in the United States. Starlings, for example, are usually seen flying in extremely large groups also called Murmurations. These flocks can form beautiful and stunning formations on the air. However, some bird flocks can become highly destructive. Birds can cause damage in many ways but the most common is usually the unsightliness of their bird waste. Birds are pretty messy and a pile of bird poop in the wrong place is bad for business. It can also be a health and sanitary problem for the property owner. We know that most businesses, especially those involved in the food and health industry, want to keep their workplace and factories as clean as possible. When birds start invading these work areas, they will most likely defecate on areas that should normally be clean. Nobody likes unsanitary food shops, so it is important to call bird control companies at the first sign of a bird invasion.

Another problem starts when these birds start feeding on crops such as corn and rice. Some species of birds are known to consume large amounts of grains and seeds. Farmers often dread the presence of these animals are will do anything in their power to exclude them from their precious farms and properties. In fact, red-billed queleas have caused severe famines in African countries. An individual quelea can eat and destroy about 10 grams (0.35 oz.) of seeds and grains in a single day. Imagine how much damage a flock can cause!

Bird infestations are also common in developed cities. Birds have already learned to adapt in urbanized environments and although you may not know it, your home or business may be providing an ideal environment for these animals. Flat-roofed buildings are preferred by pigeons and seagulls because they can easily flock together in such areas. Pigeons can also remove or displace roof tiles in order to get inside a building. Holes that are 25 or more millimetres in diameter are perfect entry points for these animals.

Seagulls, feral pigeons, Starlings, collared doves and sparrows are great scavengers and are perhaps the most commonly known types of bird pests.

Feral pigeons usually come in flocks with members that can reach up to 500. They mostly eat seeds and grains. In some cities, feeding birds is prohibited because it promotes overpopulation and attracts more bird flocks into the area. It has been reported that overfed pigeons also tend to overbreed. Normally, they only breed twice or thrice annually. When overfed, they can breed up to eight times a year. This is a huge problem for business and home-owners. Some people may think that feeding the birds is good and that they are doing the birds a favour. In reality, regularly feeding the birds makes them too dependent and they can actually lose their ability to look for their own food, which means that when you eventually stop feeding them, they may starve to death.

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Bird Control
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A few bird species do not require bird control permits like the Rock Dove aka Common Pigeon, European Starling, and the English Sparrow. The US protects all migratory birds in North America and has a treaty with Canada, Mexico and other nations our birds migrate to and from. This means that these birds cannot be harmed or captured by the locals. Harming or capturing these birds can result in a hefty fine, so people should avoid capturing birds that they are not familiar with. Capturing migratory birds can also pose health risks to the person doing the capturing, some birds may carry the Bird Flu disease also known as the Avian Influenza or the H5N1. This disease is deadly to both birds and mammals, including humans. Old people and those with weak immune systems are more prone to life threatening diseases that are carried by birds.

This doesn’t mean all birds are protected just that you need proper bird identification and authority to remove. Some birds can be lawfully captured and removed from private property as long as the company is licensed and the workers are thoroughly trained to safely do the job. Untrained individuals should not attempt to capture these birds. Non-native birds introduced such as the Mute Swan introduced here don’t have the same protection as native migratory birds. Other examples of non-native, introduced bird species are: the Chukar, the Rock Pigeon, the Muscovy duck, the Gray Partridge, the House Sparrow, the Monk parakeet, and the Eurasian collared dove, among other species. For more info Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

We understand the law and how to get proper bird control permits. Our company is licensed and we only send fully trained professionals when it comes to these kinds of situations. We always do our best to solve bird problems as humanely as possible. Our staff will do their best to find safe alternatives before considering fatal bird control methods. Do not risk your business. You have a right to protect and enjoy your property and we know the quickest way to solve your bird problems by trapping, repelling, deterring and making your property less accessible to bird invasions in the future.

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