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Buyer Beware!

I just had an interesting thing happened to me twice in one week. Two different cities, two different nuisance animals, same frustrated customers, same results in the end.

The first call was raccoons in an attic in Hammond Indiana. He had been dealing with these raccoons for months, and had already paid two other nuisance companies to remove them, unsuccessfully. They were pretty smart raccoons. It took some creativity to get the job done. It actually involved hanging a trap on the side of the mansard roof. It took us a couple days but we got the job done. The customer was pretty ecstatic, his only regret, as he said, was not calling us first. The kicker was one of the companies who charged him more than 3 times what we charged to remove the raccoons and then they didn’t do the job.

raccoons in an attic in Hammond Indiana
Raccoons in an attic in Hammond Indiana

The second job had very similar circumstances. We got a call for squirrel removal in Valparaiso. A different two companies in the area had already been called out, but were unsuccessful. They caught some squirrels, but the customers kept hearing them. Let’s be honest. If you have an animal problem where the animals are entering your home but you can’t find where they are getting in, you aren’t doing your job at all. In this case, the hole was at the top of a gable roof and the house was already two stories high. I needed to get a longer ladder to fix the problem, but was happy to do so. I wouldn’t have been doing my job if I hadn’t.

What’s this all boil down to? Neither of these jobs were easy. Both of them took a couple of extra days to complete. I don’t do as well profit wise on a job that takes extra days obviously, but I would never even consider leaving a job incomplete or with animals still in an attic. Maybe that is why our customers love us and are completely comfortable referring us to friends and family members with animal problems.

Just today, we received a referral from a previous customer where we got raccoons out of her attic in Merrillville IN a few weeks ago. Always makes me feel good when that happens.

There are no two similar jobs. Each customer problem is unique. If you don’t have the guts and patience to see it through to the end, then you shouldn’t be in this business in the first place.

Lake County Wildlife Removal

Illiana Wildlife Services offers a range of animal control, wildlife pest control and Lake County Wildlife removal services. If you have all the supplies and information required for wildlife removal in Lake County, you will find it easy to resolve the problem on your own, but if the problem has got out of control, you may want to call the specialists.

Attics become home to a variety of wild animals, especially when you don’t take the time to check this area of the house often. Animals such as bats, squirrels, mice, opossums, raccoons, snakes and other pests take up residence in the attic. They run around in this place freely, causing damage to your precious insulation, electric wires, furniture and other belongings stored in there.

Lake County Wildlife Removal
Photo credit: Tambako the Jaguar / Foter / CC BY-ND

Sometimes, these animals become so dangerous that they tear holes in the ceiling and jump right down onto your floor disturbing all your family members. Once the damage is done, you have no choice but call a wildlife removal company. We can trap the animals in the attic, take them away from your home, perform attic repair and offer pest solutions in Lake County if needed.

For Lake County raccoon removal, Illiana Wildlife Services is reliable given that the company is licensed. Our animal trappers offer services all over Indiana, including Lake County. After the successful removal of animals from the attic, you can also have us repair any damage caused. So, we also provide attic restoration in Lake County at very reasonable rates.

Those animals, if left unattended in the attic, can become a source of various diseases for your family. Usually, raccoons tend to spread a disease named raccoon roundworm. Thus, you better take action now and have them removed from your house before it’s too late. We also take care of nasty animals in other areas of your house. These animals could be moles, skunks and beavers for instance. We would love to deal with them too; all you need to do is get in touch with us.

Since it is not possible to get an idea of how many animals are living in your attic, we request you to call us for an inspection of your attic or other areas of your home. For ease of our customers, we offer a flat rate for trapping animals in your attic. So, use the contact numbers given below to be in touch with us and schedule an urgent inspection for Lake County Wildlife Removal!

Lake County Wildlife Removal
Illiana Wildlife Services – Northwest Indiana
(219) 464 – 7966