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Morgantown Wildlife Removal

If you are looking for a Morgantown wildlife removal and pest control specialist, then Illiana Wildlife Services should be on your list of shortlisted providers. Whether you want raccoon removal, squirrel removal, bat removal or snake removal, we are a call away for assistance. We are better than others because we are licensed with the DNR.

It might be hard for you to figure how much to pay for fixing the damage caused by attic animals. We will take the time to remove all the animals from your attic. Later on, we will re-examine the whole attic or basement for the assessment of damage. You can then choose to have us repair the damage by paying additional charges.

The bats, raccoons or squirrels living in that hollow part of your house may be carrying a disease, such as rabies or roundworm. It is rare, though, but you should be on the safe side. In addition to causing a significant amount of damage to the internal area of the attic, such as insulation paper, ceiling and everything kept inside, they also excrete in the same place, not to mention the noise they produce from time to time.

Morgantown Wildlife Removal
Photo credit: Ducklover Bonnie / Foter / CC BY-ND

Before you hire us, we offer our inspection services for a reasonable rate. This is to let you know the degree of damage done by the animals and our pricing for attic restoration and repair. The cost of our services won’t go up with each pair of animals we remove from your attic. The rate is flat.

No matter what kind of animals you have got in your house, we take care of all of them. If you happen to have a garden or lawn in your house, chances are it may be infested with moles or skunks. These animals dug up gardens destroying all the plants and grass. Hire us to take care of them too.

Bats also produce disturbing noise in addition to excreting in your attic. Our Morgantown wildlife removal specialists can also help you with bat removal from your attic. These animals in the attic need to be released through a one-way door we install. After every single living and dead animal has been taken out of your attic, we will seal up any holes left by you or created by raccoons in your attic or ceiling to make sure animals don’t get in again.

If you want to get rid of wildlife, call us for all your Morgantown wildlife removal or animal control needs today!

Morgantown Wildlife Removal
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