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Hammond Wildlife Removal

Illiana Wildlife Services is your wildlife pest management and animal control specialist in Hammond IN. If you have been looking for a trust worthy wildlife control specialist, look no further and call us for a comprehensive inspection. We can control and trap all types of wild animals in the attic. For the most part, we control and trap bats, squirrels and raccoons. What makes our company prominent is the fact that we are licensed with the DNR.

We start our job by an affordable inspection. Then we remove all animals with the tools, such as traps and Bat cones. Finally, we take a good look at the attic or basement where the animals were removed in order to provide a quote on repair for damages.

Actually, raccoons have to tear holes into your roof to break into your attic. Once inside, they play around tearing the insulation paper, electric wiring and other small things stored in there. There is no need to mention that once the insulation is damaged, you will get higher utility bills. Hence, it is important to remove those animals from your attic.

We believe in customer satisfaction and building a long-term relationship with all our customers. So, Illiana Wildlife Services offers an unchanged flat rate for wildlife removal in Hammond. Therefore, people recommend us for Hammond wildlife removal jobs. Don’t worry if you have a whole colony of wildlife in your attic. We will remove all of them and still take the same fixed service fee.

It is right that we are famous for removing animals in that “third floor” in your house, but we can also set traps and catch those skunks and hogs busy digging up your beautiful lawn. If you have just spotted a skunk or two in your lawn, take action immediately and call us before your lawn gets ruined.

Hammond Wildlife Removal
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Bats, like other wildlife animals, would love to spend their hibernation period in your attic. They make really loud noise, especially if large in number. We set our “Bat cones” to give a way out to bats, and once they are out, we seal up all the tiny holes in your roof to make sure they don’t get back through the same openings.

Lately, we did two wildlife removal jobs in Hammond. In an attic, we trapped a living female raccoon with a trap. She had five babies in the same attic. To prevent the babies from getting hurt, we didn’t use a trap but instead removed them by hand. Our next step was to fix the gable vent hat they used to get in. In another house, we removed raccoons from below the deck. After removal of the raccoons, we repaired the deck to keep raccoons away in the future.

Call us for all your attic restoration, wildlife removal, and pest control needs today!

Hammond Wildlife Removal
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