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Northern Indiana Wildlife Removal

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Affordable, Humane Wildlife (Raccoon, Bat, Squirrel) Removal In Northern Indiana

Illiana Wildlife Services has been providing effective, long-term solutions to wildlife problems in Chicago, Northwest Indiana, and Indianapolis for several years. And now, we are glad to announce that we will be extending our commitment to Northern Indiana. Wildlife removal, prevention, repair, and cleanup – name it and we will gladly do it. Contact us at 219-464-7966.

Serving all of St. Joseph County, Marshall County, and Starke County, Laporte County. South Bend, Mishawaka, Plymouth, Knox Wildlife removal.

Squirrel Removal

squirrel-895296_640Squirrels are one of the most common wildlife to wander into populated areas. These rodents mainly feed on acorns, nuts, seeds, and fruits but some species can also feed on eggs, nestlings, and insects.

When in private properties, they can cause destruction to landscaped lawns and garden plants. They can create holes in walls to enter homes and buildings to seek shelter. Once inside, they can chew electrical wirings which may result to fire. Some species are also hosts to parasites, such as ticks, fleas, and mange.

If squirrels have become a persistent problem, it’s best to let experts get rid of them for good. Our squirrel removal services include habitat modification, installation of exclusion devices, and trapping.

Raccoon Removal


Raccoons are omnivorous animals common throughout the U.S. They prefer to live in wooded areas near water than in plain fields. Areas near livestock, farms, and crop fields are also attractive habitats for these nocturnal animals.

Raccoons wander in suburban and urban areas to look for new sources of food and a safe shelter. These animals are destructive, can be a threat to pets, and can be carriers of rabies and raccoon roundworms.

Raccoons are clever and can become aggressive. Removing them from your property is a task better left to professionals. Our raccoon removal services include habitat modification, trapping, and installing exclusion devices.

Bat Removal

BAT (2)Bats are nocturnal mammals that mainly feed on insects. They come in different species which can either be solitary or colonial. Colonial bats can become more of a problem than solitary bats. These bats can get through tiny crevices and live in attics or empty buildings.

Bats can cause significant damage to properties and they can be a health threat to humans and other animals. Bat guano and urine are the main cause of the problem. It can cause stains on walls and floors. It leaves a pervasive odor that can spread to other areas. It attracts organisms which can be harmful to your health. Bats can also carry rabies and can infect other animals during an encounter.

Getting rid of a colony of bats living inside your property is a difficult task. The wisest thing to do is hire an expert to do it. Our bat removal services include inspection, installation of one-way devices, sealing of gaps and bat holes, repair, and cleanup services.

Skunk Removal

SKUNK (3)Skunks are known for their acrid smell even from a distance. These animals feed on both plant and animals, but they’re diet mainly consist of snakes, rodents, insects, grubs, and earthworms. They can be helpful in eliminating other dangerous organisms but they can be a problem as well.

Skunks avoid human presence, but they need to be rid of when in your property because they can carry diseases, such as distemper, rabies, and tularemia. They can also spread ticks, fleas, mites, and tapeworms.

Skunks are known for spraying a stinky and irritating discharge when threatened. Avoid handling these animals on your own. The best thing to do is hire an expert. Our skunk removal experts are knowledgeable on the animals’ behavior and skilled in installing traps without triggering the animal’s defense mechanism.

Bird Removal

BIRD (2)Birds are beneficial to the environment, but they can become a pest when not in their natural habitat. Pigeons, starlings, and sparrows are birds that commonly nest or roost in urban areas. Droppings, feathers, noise, and odor are problems that normally arise when birds inhabit a place in large numbers. These animals can also build their nests in vents blocking the ventilation of a room.

With their flying abilities, birds can be difficult to get rid of. However, we will be happy to safely do the task for you. Our bird removal services include trapping roosting birds, installation of exclusion device, and removing their food sources in your area.

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Wildlife Removal Chicago

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Affordable, Humane Wildlife (Raccoon, Bat, Squirrel) Removal Chicago

We know that Chicago residents appreciate wildlife, and we all enjoy seeing animals in a natural setting. Nothing compares to the sight of a family of deer in a woodland environment. Squirrels frolicking with each other are entertaining, and a flock of birds in flight is certainly a sight worth seeing. However, when any form of wildlife finds its way into your home, you will likely need the help of an experienced professional. Wild animals can quickly damage the interior and exterior of a structure. A raccoon that looks lovable can destroy your child’s toys and other belongings. A squirrel that makes a nest in your attic could chew a hole in the ceiling of your living room. We are aware that once you have a wild creature in your home, you will need it removed as quickly as possible. We also know that most of our customers do not want us to harm the critters we remove. We want you to know that wildlife removal can be humane and affordable.

In addition to removing live animals safely, we are also available to remove dead animals from your property. If an animal has damaged your abode, we can help with the repairs. We are pleased to offer our cleaning services if a critter has left urine or feces in your home. Your satisfaction is our goal, and we hope to assist you with all of your wildlife removal needs.

Now Servicing Chicago and the following Counties:

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Squirrel Removal

squirrel removal Chicago
Photo credit: kennethkonica / Foter / CC BY-ND

We are happy to offer squirrel removal in Chicago. Squirrels are adorable when they are playing outdoors, but a squirrel that is trapped indoors can soon wreak havoc in your home. Squirrels have sharp teeth that are designed to chew through tough surfaces. Because they build their nests in trees, they may find their way into the uppermost corners of your abode. Although you might be able to coax the creatures away from your home’s interior, we suggest that you leave this potentially dangerous task to us. We are experienced in the humane squirrel removal Chicago residents expect. We come with traps and ladders that aid us in taking undomesticated animals away from local residences.

Raccoon Removal

raccoon removal Chicago
Photo credit: lovecatz / Foter / CC BY-SA

We provide humane raccoon removal for Chicago residents. Raccoons are known for their intelligence and their capacity to create solutions to their problems. A typical raccoon is equipped with paws that can clasp and shred a broad range of objects. Raccoons are infamous for utilizing the small doors designed for your pets. Once a raccoon has entered your home, it may not want to leave. You could soon find yourself with a family of masked critters in your fireplace or hall closet. We can help with the humane raccoon removal Chicago residents need. We can assist you in getting rid of that family of raccoons that has invaded your dwelling, and we will safely transport the animals to a more appropriate environment.

Bat Removal

Bat removal in Chicago
Photo credit: fs-phil / Foter / CC BY-SA

We also provide bat removal for Chicago residents. Bats are mammals that are capable of carrying rabies. They have tiny teeth, and you may not realize you have been bitten until you manifest the signs of this fatal disease. The safety of you and your family is our top concern, and we recommend that you do not try to remove bats from your residence. We will help you rid your home of one bat or several bats. Bats can enter your dwelling and give birth to their offspring. Before you find your home infested with a bat colony, contact us. Bat removal in Chicago should be done by people who are experienced at wildlife removal and equipped for the task.

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