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Attic Restoration and Insurance Companies

“What to do when you’re not covered?”

Most people are surprised to find that wildlife is capable of causing as much damage as it does. Most are pleasantly surprised when we inform them that most insurance companies cover damages caused by raccoons and in some cases bats. We give them an estimate and then they come back equally saddened and tell us that their insurance company said they don’t cover it. Usually what happens is that they called their agent, instead of the claims number. Agents rarely run across animal damage and some mistakenly claim that it is not covered.

When this happens, you can look at your terms and conditions of your policy. Most insurance policies exclude domestic animals, insects, birds, and rodents. Raccoons, opossums, and bats don’t fall into any of these categories. Squirrels can cause a lot of damage in an attic but happen to be a member of the rodent family so there’s no help with squirrels.

Attic Restoration Illiana Wildlife Services
Photo credit: photofarmer / Foter / CC BY

We probably restored close to 20 attics this year for State Farm customers but just last week we had an agent tell a customer they don’t cover raccoon damage. I assured him that they do. He just needed to call his claim department instead of his agent! We have seen a couple of insurance companies stop covering damage caused by bat guano. One of the exclusions in the terms and conditions is hazardous materials and they are claiming that bat guano is a hazardous material.

I hesitate to make a comprehensive list of insurance companies that do or don’t cover wildlife damage. Most of the big ones do and a lot of the smaller ones. State Farm, Safeco, Farmers, Allstate have all been wonderful to work with for raccoons. Like I said previously, some companies were getting funny about bats. Best way to approach them is to call and ask.

Sometimes you need to advocate for yourself. It’s worth it if you do. Failure to fix the damage caused by bats and raccoons leaves you susceptible to many future problems. Raccoons can leave holes in your roof causing possible future water damage, and when they walk in your attic they trample down the insulation causing you to have a higher utility bill, set aside the fact that their urine can soak through the drywall and stain your ceilings. And, maybe one of the most important reasons but not one covered by insurance, more of an ancillary benefit is economic damage. Most people buying homes nowadays are using buyer’s inspectors. When that buyer’s inspector sticks his head in your attic and sees that a raccoon was in there, he is going to note it and you are going to wish you would have gotten it fixed earlier. At that point it may cost you the sale!

Get rid of wildlife and call us for all your wildlife control needs today!

Attic Restoration and Insurance Companies
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Attic Restoration in Will County

Once you are done with wildlife pest exclusion and animals from your attic, take further steps to avail for an attic restoration in Will County. The pest infestation in your attic will cause many problems. You can do the clean-up job on your own, but if you really wanted to do it right, then call a wildlife expert.

Sanitize Your Attic in Will County

If you have seen animals like squirrels, possums, or raccoons in your attic, then get ready to deal with their friends. Yes, they don’t usually invade a property alone. They come with their companions, such as insects and parasites.

From this, you can get pretty much good idea about how much destruction they can cause to your attic. After removing them from the attic, getting your attic sanitized is an important part of the Will County attic restoration process.

Remember: you should never leave your attic unrestored since it can get contaminated placing the health of your family at risk. Due to the lengthy residence of animals in the attic, the insulation in your attic can get damaged resulting to high electricity bills, which may need to be fixed later on.

Attic Restoration in Will County

Attic Restoration in Will County
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Since raccoons and other animals can easily get into your attic, they can cause a considerable amount of damage to the items stored in this place such as clothes, old items, furniture and photos, not to mention insulation and electrical wires. So, attic restoration is the best thing to do after the removal of these animals.

How to Go About Attic Restoration in Will County

Ideally, it is a good idea to hire the services of a wildlife specialist for an inspection as well as pest control and restoration of the compromised attic. The specialists remove dead animals, droppings and soiled or damaged insulation. Prior to replacing new insulation, they disinfect and deodorize the whole attic.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to get your attic back in shape, visit Illiana Wildlife Services and book an inspection by making a phone call now!

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Raccoon Damage in Attic

Raccoon removal Illiana
A raccoon entered the attic of this home through this wooden soffit which he chewed his way through
Illiana Raccoon removal
This is where a raccoon clawed its way through a shingle roof to gain entry to this attic
raccoon wildlife
raccoon feces in an attic
raccoon in the attics
raccoon feces in an attic. Notice the compressed insulation.

These are some more pictures I have taken of raccoon damage in an attic I have been in recently.  When raccoons cause damage they really cause damage! Not only are their feces dangerous, which carry the raccoon roundworm, but I believe the real damage lies in the money that is wasted on higher heating bills over the lifetime of the home if that attic is not restored.

You see, raccoons in their activities trample your insulation down until it is only working at a small percentage of what it was before they got in your attic.  Lower R value = Higher heating bills.

The good news is that some homeowners insurance covers damage caused by raccoons. For the cost of your deductible you can get an attic that is fully restored and is more energy efficient than before the raccoons got in your attic, actually saving money in the long run. Your insurance doesn’t just repair attics but all of the damage caused by the raccoons; whether it is damage to your roof or soffit or fascia. It wouldn’t hurt to check with your insurance company to see if this is covered.

We do pest control, animal trapping and damage repair including repairs to your attic and replacing insulation. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. We work with insurance companies or homeowners who wish to pay out of pocket.

For more information on getting your animal damage to your home restored, give us a call!

Raccoon Damage in Attic
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Raccoon and Squirrel Removal

We have been busy in the first two weeks of 2014. In the last week we have removed a raccoon from an attic in Chicago and from a restaurant in Harvey IL. We even caught a stray cat from the same restaurant which we brought to the South Suburban Humane Society.

When we are not busy performing raccoon trapping we have been catching squirrels in Tinley Park, Orland Hills, Palos Heights, Gary and Portage Indiana.

We even had a job in Tinley Park this week where a lender was requiring the raccoon feces from a previous infestation to be removed as a condition for closing. We were able to accommodate that day.

Raccoon Removal
Photo credit: OakleyOriginals / Foter / CC BY

We approach every job the same way. If an animal is getting into a home, when we get onsite we find out where the animal is getting in by doing an inspection. Once we know where the animal is getting in we set traps, wait until animal or animals are caught and then we seal the entrance so that no more can get in.

A couple of weeks ago we helped a customer in just this way. We got three raccoons out of her attic and sealed up the hole in her roof so that no more could get in.  Now we are going to do a full attic restoration, including removing and replacing her insulation, disinfecting and a little bit of drywall repair and paint as well.

Get rid of raccoons and call us right away. We offer flat rates to our customers. Often times our customers will tell us that they got other quotes that include a per animal charge or don’t include the sealing of the hole, just the removal of the animals. I think that having an animal in your attic is stressful enough. I don’t think you should add to it by having open ended pricing or worrying about another animal can get in. We can be reached at 219-464-7966 in Indiana or 708-320-0004 in Illinois.

Raccoon and Squirrel Removal
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Raccoons Causing Damage

This has been the busiest week in a long time for raccoon calls.

Raccoons are causing damage in an attic in Palos Hills IL where we found three of them. They had scratched a hole in the roof causing the roof to leak. They also trampled the insulation so that it doesn’t work as well anymore, not to mention the feces everywhere and the urine smell.

We are also removing raccoons from an apartment complex in Gary IN. They tore a piece of soffit down to gain entry into the attic. We are also trapping a raccoon that is living in a church in Hamlet IN.

Raccoons are damaging a home in Calumet City where they are entering the home through some storm damage. We also had a call for raccoons on the roof of an apartment building in Chicago IL. The neighbors also complained about raccoons in the garbage.

Raccoons Causing Damage
Photo credit: stevehdc / Foter / CC BY-SA

In all these cases once the trapping is over we are willing and able to do attic restoration.  We remove the damaged insulation and replace it with brand new. We also do exterior repairs. In most cases insurance companies pay for the damage caused by animals.  We work with insurance companies.

Get rid of raccoons today! We also accept other pest control and wildlife trapping services like squirrel calls. Everything from squirrels chewing on  siding on the exterior of a home in Beverly Shores IN to squirrels inside an attic in Calumet Park IL.

Raccoons Causing Damage
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