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There’s a Dead Animal inside My House

Dead animal removal
Photo credit: Furryscaly via Foter.com / CC BY-SA

After working in the animal control industry for several years, I have received calls that usually start with the following line: “I think there’s a dead animal inside my house.” I have also learned that animals, specifically rodents, are great at doing two things: gnawing and dying. On this blog post we will be talking about the latter.

I always emphasize the importance of catching any type of animal infestation during its early stages. Stopping a small problem is always easier than trying to mitigate a large one. When I conduct an inspection and see an extensive amount of animal damage done inside my customers’ walls and attics, I always wonder how and why they let such problems get out of hand.

But then I realize that not all animal infestations are noticeable. That is, until the animal (or animals, if you’re a bit unlucky) start to die and rot. I am certain that nobody, not even the animal care and control professionals, can get used to the smell of a rotting carcass. It stinks. It really does. So I can totally understand the frustration that my customers experience when dealing with the unbearable smell of a dead animal inside their homes.

Why Are Animals Dying Inside My House?

A sick animal on the verge of death usually crawls inside an area that is partially or completely covered. Your attic, walls, or under-decks fall under this category. Some people may set animal traps and completely forget about it until the horrible stench reminds them again. Other times, the animal simply gets stuck inside the house and starves to death.

How Do You Remove the Animals?

Our methods of removing a dead animal are quite simple but not necessarily easy. All we do is basically follow our nose. We may have to cut some holes in our clients’ walls and we may also find a colony of animals in the process, but we make sure to remove the source of the smell. Once located, we pick up the carcass, seal it in a bag, and properly dispose of it. We can also clean the surrounding area where the dead animal was found.

Can I Prevent This From Happening Again?

Of course! If you want to prevent animals from dying inside your house, then make sure to completely cover up any hole and opening. Stop unintentionally inviting wildlife critters by securing or eliminating their food sources near your homes. This includes trash cans, leftover pet food, and etc.

If a dead animal is keeping your home from smelling fresh, you can always call us. We can definitely remove animals, either dead or alive, from your home.

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  • Indianapolis – (317) 203-6083
  • Northwest Indiana – (219) 464-7966

Valparaiso Wildlife Removal

In many wildlife-human encounters, homeowners may try to learn to coexist with wildlife provided that these animals do not at all cause immense trouble and real damage to them and their properties. There are also quick methods and home remedies that homeowners and farmers use in managing and preventing human-wildlife conflicts. Some of the measures that help eliminate minor wildlife problems include modification of our surroundings and change in our habits.

However, when wildlife problems become uncontrollable and intolerable, these methods and strategies will no longer be helpful. Homeowners and farmers become irritated and even alarmed by the animals’ presence, and in turn, urgently look for ways that will totally eradicate the critters off their lives. Valparaiso wildlife removal company offer humane animal removal and wildlife pest exclusion. In situations like this, do not wait for another day. Turn to them instead.

Valparaiso Wildlife Removal

A hoard of skunks ruining your expensive gardens, a family of sick raccoons living and defecating in your attic, a colony of mice gnawing the power lines and electrical wires, annoying beavers cutting down ornamental shrubs and shade trees – solving all of these wildlife-related problems don’t have to wear you out physically trying to handle the job by yourself.

Why exhaust yourself when there are reliable and responsible companies that will do the entire wildlife removal job for you and give you the peace of mind that you deserve? These wildlife removal Valparaiso experts are committed in delivering services that are very affordable, proven effective, and guaranteed safe for you, your family and the animals involved.

If you have questions regarding safe, proper, and effective wildlife removal, get the answers that you need immediately. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call the licensed specialists and experts in wildlife removal in Valparaiso now.

Valparaiso Wildlife Removal
Illiana Wildlife Services 

Porter County Wildlife Removal

Illiana Wildlife Services will be of great help if you have wildlife in your attic and it causes a nuisance to your family. A house with an attic full of wildlife is a threat to the health of everyone in your house from your kids to your pets. Have you tried all the tried-and-tested methods to get rid of them in your attic? If your attempts have failed miserably, our animal removal and attic repair experts are always there to help you out.

Wildlife such as bats, squirrels, raccoons and mice are more than happy to live in a comfy attic. Let these animals live in your attic for a few weeks and they will fill it with poop, urine and stink. But there is more to it. Raccoons and mice love to tear several holes into the insulation and the ceiling.

Porter County Wildlife Removal
Photo credit: Bobolink / Foter / CC BY

They also sometime kill themselves while trimming live wires, and their dead bodies along with poop cause more problems, especially health problems. Dirt and filth is a means of spreading diseases, and if your attic has lots of wildlife droppings, you are likely to contract disease like rabies and roundworm.

Our duties include removing dead/injured animals, cleaning the attic, taking the animals away from your residence, performing attic restoration Porter County tasks and pest control. Our services are not limited to wildlife removal Porter county. Besides attics, our trained animal trappers can also help you get moles and skunks off your yard and/or garden. Bat removal Porter County or raccoon removal Porter County are our common services but we do offer snake removal and squirrel removal services.

We would love to answer all your questions on the phone, but it is a bit hard to give you a quote of our service charges without paying a visit to your house. We give a flat rate for our services after a complete inspection of a building. After a careful inspection, we will give you a total price we would charge for animal removal in the attic, prevention measures and attic restoration in Porter County.

Choose the phone numbers below to be in contact with us, and we would love to inspect your house for Porter County wildlife removal.

Porter County Wildlife Removal
Illiana Wildlife Services – Northwest Indiana
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Greenwood Indiana: The City of Pride

Basic Information


Located in Johnson County, Greenwood is a city in Indiana, United States, with a population of 53,665 (based on the 2013 census). With a total land area of 21.23 square miles, Greenwood was touted to be the most populous suburb in the south Indianapolis Metropolitan Area.Having two zip codes, 46142 and 46143, it is located between Interstate 65 and Indiana State Road 37.

Getting an average of 41 inches of rain and 17 inches of snow per year, Greenwood IN, has a total of 183 sunny days on average.

 Greenwood Indiana History


Under Indiana law in 1864, Greenwood was incorporated as a town and became a fifth-class city in 1960. Greenwood was originally named as Greenfield in 1825 but since another Greenfield already exists in Hancock County, it was changed to Greenwood soon after.

The first dwellers in Greenwood were Delaware Indians but they were wiped out of the area in 1813 by the Kentucky and Indiana militias. It was first known as the “Smocktown” before it became Greenfield in 1825.

Recreation: Unwind and De-stress in Greenwood Indiana

Greenwood Community Center

Greenwood commuity centerSeated next to the Greenwood Police Department, Greenwood Community Center is a multi-use facility along 100 Surina Way. Members can use the gymnasium for Open Play Volleyball while non-members can pay the daily fee to do so.

Greenwood Park Mall

Greenwood park mall

Located along U.S. Highway 31, Greenwood Park Mall is a primary destination for locals and tourists alike who like to shop all year round. With more than 140 stores, Greenwood Park Mall is the fourth largest shopping mall located in Indiana.

Owned and operated by Simon Property Group, the mall sits on an 87-acre land and has been serving Greenwood since 1966. The recent major renovation in 2007 added a lifestyle center component in the said mall.

 Greenwood Community Garden

Greenwood community garden

Love gardening? Greenwood Community Garden lets you rent a 20-foot by 20-foot plot for the season. Members, residents, and non-residents are all welcomed to rent plots.

Four Paws Dog Park

dog park

Want to walk your dog? Greenwood has a perfect place for you.  The Four Paws Dog Park is located at the University Park community and is open 365 days a year. Owners must first register their dogs at the Greenwood Community Center mentioned above and pay the annual registration fee or a one-time entry. Best to bring your veterinarian records with you upon registration.

 Other Greenwood Indiana Parks


Greenwood puts great emphasis on education to raise outstanding future community leaders by maintaining two public school corporations namely: Greenwood Community School Corporation, and Center Grove Community School Corporation.

Below is a list of some Greenwood Indiana schools:

High School

  • Greenwood Community High School
  • Center Grove High School

Middle School

  • Greenwood Community Middle School
  • Center Grove Middle School Central
  • Center Grove Middle School North

Elementary Schools

  • Southwest Elementary School
  • Northeast Elementary School
  • V.O. Isom Elementary School
  • Westwood Elementary School
  • Center Grove Elementary School
  • North Grove Middle School
  • Pleasant Grove Middle School
  • Sugar Grove Middle School
  • Maple Grove Middle School


When wildlife causes economic damage or poses a health concern it is time to remove them.There are various establishments that take care of wildlife removal in Greenwood Indiana and among the top companies offering animal control and pest solutions is the Illiana Wildlife Services.


Other services offered include attic cleanup, attic restoration, bat removal, squirrel removal, bird control, animal damage repair, beaver trapping, chipmunk removal, coyote trapping, ground hog removal, mole trapping, raccoon removal, rodent removal, skunk removal, snake removal, and dead animal removal.


Got problems in your attic? Contact Illiana Wildlife Services now (317)-203-6083 and transact with a one-stop shop that can solve all of your problems at once! You can also email us at: illianawildlife@gmail.com.



Greenwood Indiana: The City of Pride
Illiana Wildlife Services – Indianapolis
(317) 203 – 6083

Raccoon and Squirrel Removal

We have been busy in the first two weeks of 2014. In the last week we have removed a raccoon from an attic in Chicago and from a restaurant in Harvey IL. We even caught a stray cat from the same restaurant which we brought to the South Suburban Humane Society.

When we are not busy performing raccoon trapping we have been catching squirrels in Tinley Park, Orland Hills, Palos Heights, Gary and Portage Indiana.

We even had a job in Tinley Park this week where a lender was requiring the raccoon feces from a previous infestation to be removed as a condition for closing. We were able to accommodate that day.

Raccoon Removal
Photo credit: OakleyOriginals / Foter / CC BY

We approach every job the same way. If an animal is getting into a home, when we get onsite we find out where the animal is getting in by doing an inspection. Once we know where the animal is getting in we set traps, wait until animal or animals are caught and then we seal the entrance so that no more can get in.

A couple of weeks ago we helped a customer in just this way. We got three raccoons out of her attic and sealed up the hole in her roof so that no more could get in.  Now we are going to do a full attic restoration, including removing and replacing her insulation, disinfecting and a little bit of drywall repair and paint as well.

Get rid of raccoons and call us right away. We offer flat rates to our customers. Often times our customers will tell us that they got other quotes that include a per animal charge or don’t include the sealing of the hole, just the removal of the animals. I think that having an animal in your attic is stressful enough. I don’t think you should add to it by having open ended pricing or worrying about another animal can get in. We can be reached at 219-464-7966 in Indiana or 708-320-0004 in Illinois.

Raccoon and Squirrel Removal
Illiana Wildlife Services – Indianapolis
(317) 203 – 6083