Squirrels in Attics

It always strikes me how seasonal nuisance wildlife problems are. Raccoons in the spring, bats in August, and now squirrel season is beginning. Well let it begin. We have the expertise, ladders and traps to take care of all your squirrel removal needs in Indianapolis, Chicago, and Northwest Indiana.

Squirrels in Attics
Photo credit: Jim Bauer / Foter / CC BY-ND

The most common squirrel problem is squirrels in attics. We often get the description “it sounds like they are rolling nuts across the ceiling” Squirrels in the attic are a nuisance but also can create a hazardous situation. Squirrels are rodents and love to chew.  In fact, they have to keep their continuously growing teeth worn down or they will be unable to eat so they have to chew.  That includes anything you might have stored up in your attic and hopefully not something like your electrical wires.  Best to get rid of them before they cause more damage.

No squirrel job is complete without blocking the entry where the squirrel was getting in. To just remove the squirrels is only buying you a little bit of time before neighboring squirrels take up residence in the vacated attic.

We always offer our customers a flat rate to remove all the squirrels in the attic and prevent reentry. That way your problem is solved without any hidden costs along the way. Aside from that, we provide free inspection of wildlife trapping and other pest control services. Call us today!

Squirrels in Attics
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