Sick Raccoon in Indianapolis

Last night (Sept 16, 2014) we received a call in which the customer wanted to know how fast we could get there. He had a sick raccoon that was moving slow and wobbling walking through his yard and he suspected it was sick.

Since it was late and after hours I did have to call our technician Abe who services that area to see if he was available.  He was and promptly headed to the customer’s house and found the raccoon, now curled up in a ball on the front porch. It was about 7pm, not even dark out yet.

Sick Raccoon in Indianapolis
Photo credit: David McSpadden / Foter / CC BY

More than likely the sick raccoon had distemper. It is more common than rabies and the symptoms that the customer provided to us fit the description.  While distemper is not contagious to humans it can affect dogs or cats depending on the type of distemper. It also can affect other raccoons where it can be passed from one to another as they interact.

We were grateful to be able to serve a satisfied customer as well as take a sick, contagious raccoon out of the environment where he could infect others. In these situations the animal is always humanely euthanized.

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Sick Raccoon in Indianapolis
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