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Getting rid of raccoons invading your home or property is a risky task. You could end up bitten or injured and the animal could get hurt. The most sensible thing to do would be to call a raccoon removal professional. Wildlife removal companies have people who are certified experts for the task.

Illiana Wildlife Services provides removal and control for raccoons. Our methods are effective yet ensure the safety of the animal.


With black patches around the eyes, raccoons look like masked bandits. These clever and fast moving animals inhabit marshes, prairies, and forests. In their natural habitat, raccoons eat fruits, vegetables, crops, tiny insects, eggs, mice, frogs, and aquatic invertebrates.

They seek shelter and build their dens in hollow logs and tree holes. A female can give birth to up to seven cubs during early summer. The young stay with their moms for up to about two months until they can explore on their own.

In spring and summer, raccoons fatten themselves up and then rest most of the time in their dens during winter.

Dos and Don’ts When Raccoons Enter Your Property

Raccoons are highly adaptable in city life. They eat just about anything. When in commercial or residential areas, raccoons can cause several problems. They can tip over garbage bins and scatter the contents. They can eat and destroy garden plants. They can eat fish in ponds or raid for eggs in bird cages. They can also feast on leftover pet foods.

If you find a raccoon in your property observe if it’s not ill or rabid. Common signs are confusion, limping, unprovoked aggressiveness or unresponsiveness to sounds or human presence. Do not handle raccoons because they can get aggressive when threatened especially mother raccoons with their young.

Once they leave your property,  prevent them from coming back to your place by making sure food is not easily available to them. Seal garbage cans tightly. Cover ponds and secure bird cages. Discard uneaten pet foods properly. Avoid feeding them purposely because routine feeding can make raccoons dependent on you.

Illiana Raccoon Removal Services

If raccoons have become a problem for you, our team of certified wildlife removal experts here at Illiana Wildlife Services can remove these critters from your property safely and effectively. Our raccoon removal services include non-lethal trapping, habitat modification, and installation of deterrents.

If you are in need of a raccoon removal expert, contact us now.


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