Raccoon Removal in Will County

Have you got those nasty animals called raccoons in your attic? If you often hear walking, scratching or scampering noises in your attic, then there is a good chance that the place is infested with raccoons. These animals can cause a good deal of damage to your house in addition to health problems. Let us find out what problems they can cause and what you can do to rid your house of them.

Damage Caused By Raccoons

For bedding material, raccoons can shred wallpapers, roof, insulation around the pipes, and vent ducts. At times, they take it to the next level and end up destroying and tearing all the cooling systems, fans and wooden beams.

Raccoon Removal in Will County
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In worse situations, you can actually see them falling down into your home through the ceiling. At times, raccoons end up killing themselves while chewing electrical wires; the odor that comes out of their dead bodies lying in a less visible area in your house is terribly unpleasant.  Since they spend a good deal of time in the attic, they urinate and defecate in the same place, which makes the attic extremely stinky.

Health Risks Posed By Raccoons

Raccoon droppings in the attic may cause your family a number of diseases, such as raccoon roundworm, rabies and distemper. Raccoon roundworm is dangerous and infects humans.

Water or food contaminated with raccoon excrement can cause diarrhea if consumed. Aside from this, raccoon droppings host a lot of parasites like fleas and lice. If you notice your pets scratching themselves all the time, then chances are that they have fleas on them.

What Can You Do For Raccoon Removal In Will County?

You can see how problematic raccoons residing in your attic can be. To protect your house and family from raccoons, you may want to get them off your attic. For this, you can go for raccoon repellents and traps, but oftentimes, these methods don’t seem to be effective.

If you cannot get rid of raccoons on your own, you can hire a Will County raccoon removal and animal control company to remove them and clean your attic. Before you hire one, search for the best wildlife removal Chicago has to offer and make sure they use proper traps to catch the animals aside from making arrangements so that raccoons don’t get into your attic again. For an inspection, visit https://illianawildlifeservices.com/ and give us a call.

Raccoon Removal in Will County
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