Raccoon Removal from an Attic

We have been removing a lot of raccoons from attics lately and for the most part it is pretty straight forward.  Raccoons have a sweet tooth and appeal to it and the battle is half over.

We were just recently hired for raccoon removal from a church in Hamlet IN. What had happened was the church had caught a raccoon this summer and had relocated it about 3 miles away. A couple of weeks ago they had the soffit repaired that was damaged by the raccoon. Then they started seeing damage to the ceiling in the sanctuary.  That’s when they called me.

Raccoon Removal from an Attic
Photo credit: Tobyotter / Foter / CC BY

I’m thinking straight forward again, right? Not exactly. After a week of trying different baits and different kind of traps I was no closer to catching him than day one.  I could not get this raccoon take any interest in any kind of bait that I was offering.

What I ended up doing was removing the repair to the soffit and set a trap in such a way that he had to go through the trap to exit the building through the hole he was accustomed to. It worked!

I think it might be a safe bet that this raccoon had been trapped in a baited trap before. Possibly even the one that was removed from the same church this summer.

If you are looking for a wildlife control and raccoon trapping experts to remove raccoon in your attic, give us a call. Not only can we remove the animal we also work with your insurance company to repair the damage that they cause. Our number is 708-320-0004 in Illinois.

Raccoon Removal from an Attic
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