Raccoon litter removal

Raccoon removal can be very challenging. No two jobs are ever the same. We were recently called to get a raccoon litter out of an attic in Flossmoor IL. It was very different from your typical job!

It started out textbook. After doing the inspection we found where the raccoon had broken into the soffit. It was an awkward spot but we got the trap set and it should have all been down hill from there.

When I came back yesterday to check the trap it was empty. Sometimes there isn’t a raccoon in the attic when the trap is set and therefore isn’t one to catch. But this customer was positive that she ¬†continued to hear noise in the attic that night. There was nothing I could do but hope for a catch that night.

When I pulled in the driveway they next day I could hear crying on the roof. As the trap wasn’t visible from the ground I hurried and got the ladder off of the truck. In the trap was a mother raccoon with a very young baby.

Haven’t seen a baby that size in about two months. I usually break raccoon season into three seasons. The first is when the babies are about zero to 2 weeks old. This is relatively an easy time of year. The young are in a pile all together, they are loud and easy to find and if you can get to them, all you have to do is pick them up.

Next is when the raccoon litter is a little older. Their eyes are open and they are a little more mobile. They also understand danger, and will be extremely quiet when you are looking for them. If they happen to be in a soffit and you need to take it apart to get to them they will try to run away from you. This is the most difficult season.

After this is when the babies are older, they are following their mother out of the attic for nightly foraging. While these jobs take longer, because everything needs to be trapped, they are relatively simple in process.

Nature will keep you on your toes. While most raccoons have their young in relatively consistent windows every once in a while you get an oddball. That is what makes this job so interesting.

I hope you have learned something about the challenges of removing raccoons in the young rearing season. We are happy to help with all your raccoon removal needs!

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