Raccoon damage repair =New Insulation

We recently completed a raccoon damage repair job in Griffith IN. Our customer found out she had raccoons in her attic. She had a friend with a trap catch the raccoon, shortly after to start hear crying up in her attic. There were babies. She couldn’t get anyone to go up in her attic to look for the babies so she had to hire a wildlife removal company.

It happened to be a competitor. He safely removed the young and patched up the hole in the roof where the raccoons had entered. The customer was looking for permanent repairs. The raccoons were in the attic for a long time.

The wildlife company recommended us. That is a curious thing. Competitors recommending each other. That is why I love this industry. Because we do it all the time. This industry is very seasonal and sometimes we can’t get to people as soon as they would like and we know someone. Many of our competitors don’t do repair work and refer that work to us.

So our customer in Griffith IN who had the raccoons in her attic called us, we came out and gave an estimate, which was accepted on the spot. Many homeowners aren’t aware that most insurance companies cover raccoon damage┬árepair but this one was! She already had check in hand.

All we had to do was become a licensed contractor in Griffith IN and pull our permit and schedule for a day convenient for the customer. The roof repair was done while the customer wasn’t home because we didn’t need to get inside. The attic insulation was removed, then we disinfected the joists and back of ┬áthe drywall. Then we blew in new insulation.

What some other people aren’t aware is that most residential policies have what is called code upgrade. This means that any work needs to be done to current code. For insulation the codes are greater today than when the house was built. That means our customer is going to see a large energy saving because the insulation we installed is so much greater than what she had. Sometimes, raccoons in an attic can be a bit of a blessing!

Our customer was so relieved when all the work was done, my guess is she will be outright ecstatic when she sees the savings on her Nipsco bills this winter.

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