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Are you haunted by strange noises and foul odor every now and then? Bats could be behind these incidents and they can bring more stress if not dealt with immediately. If you need help, contact a bat removal and control company to have them safely removed. Illiana Wildlife Services provides safe and effective bad removal and control solutions. Contact us today.


There are more than a thousand species of bats to date. They are found all over the world except in the Arctic, Antarctica, and some islands. Bats are either solitary or form colonies depending on their species. They prefer to live in warmer areas, but they can also be found in areas with the winter season. During the cold season, some bats go into short-term hibernation.

Bats can hang from trees or live in caves and mines. They can navigate through dark places by emitting shrill sounds then listen to the echoes.

Bats eat fruits, nectar, and tiny flying insects. They can eat up to 1,200 mosquitoes or bugs in just an hour which makes them an effective insect control.

Dos and Don’ts When Bats Enter Your Property

If you find a single bat in a living area in your home, you can let it out without holding it. Close the door that is connected to other living areas. Open the door or windows that lead outside then switch off the light. If the bat is resting on the ground you can put an improvised ramp where it can climb its way out the window. You can hold it but make sure you are wearing thick gloves because bats can bite when they feel threatened and they may carry rabies.

If you find a colony of bats living in your attic, it is best to leave the task of removing them to a bat removal professional. It’s a challenging task that requires proper knowledge on the behavior of bats and effective removal methods.

Illiana Bats Removal Services

Bat guano (accumulated excrement of bats) can cause significant damage to structures and may cause health problems. Illiana Wildlife Removal provides humane and effective bat removal services which include inspection, installation of exclusion or one-way devices in bat holes, sealing of bat holes, cleanup, and odor removal.

If you want to get rid of bats living in your attic, contact us now.


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