Oak Lawn Illinois Wildlife Removal

Wildlife can enter homes, yards, and buildings to look for food and possibly a new home. Removal of these animals is a must before they cause bigger problems, but handling them on your own is not a sensible thing to do. Removal of wildlife from your property needs to be done safely and humanely as possible.

If you’re living in Oak Lawn, wildlife invasion is always a possibility. But we would be happy to offer solutions to your wildlife problem. Our wildlife removal professionals are knowledgeable on animal behavior and well-trained in the use of different removal or control methods.

Bat Removal Services in Oak Lawn IL

Depending on their species, bats are either solitary or colonial. Colonial bats tend to become more of a problem in suburban areas. They can enter tiny holes and live in attics and uninhabited buildings unnoticed. Colonial bats can form a large colony and their massive wastes can cause problems.

Bat wastes can leave a stain in walls and ceilings. Bat guano attracts harmful organisms which can cause health problems. Bat urine leaves a pervasive odor making your house an unpleasant environment to live in.

Effectively getting rid of a colony of bats in your attic is a task best left to experts. Our bat removal services include inspection, exclusion, removal, repair, cleanup, and odor removal.

Raccoon Removal Services in Oak Lawn IL

Raccoons are mammals that commonly inhabit wooded areas with a nearby water source. They feed on fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, corn, eggs, small rodents, frogs, and aquatic invertebrates. When in urban and suburban areas, racoons can cause destruction in many ways as they search for food and shelter.

Raccoons can tip over trash cans, raid gardens, and eat leftover pet foods. They prefer to build dens in attics and chimneys and can cause damage to structures as they create holes or gaps for entry. Raccoons can also carry rabies and host parasites.

Raccoons are great climbers and can become aggressive when threatened. The wisest thing to do is to hire a racoon wildlife removal professional to remove them from your property. Our racoon removal services include habitat modification, trapping, and exclusion.


Squirrel Removal Services in Oak Lawn IL

When in their natural habitat, squirrels feed on fruits, berries, nuts, acorn, and succulent plants. Squirrels are among the most common property invaders. They can easily enter yards and gated properties by climbing the surrounding trees and tall plants.

Fox and gray squirrels can destroy garden plants and ruin landscaped lawns with their burrowing habit. Flying squirrels are carnivorous and can get into bird cages and feast on nestlings and eggs. Squirrels can create holes in structures to gain entry and once inside they can chew on electrical wirings which may cause a fire.

If squirrels have become a problem for you, we have the methods and tools to efficiently and safely remove these animals from your property.


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