Muskrat trapping job

Our typical service call usually involves getting something out of a home. It is usually getting bats or raccoons or squirrels out of an attic. We thoroughly enjoy those calls that we don’t get everyday. We look at it as a chance to do something different and hone our skills.

A homeowner called to see if we did muskrat trapping in Olympia Fields They were backed up to a pond and the muskrats were burrowing in the bank. I informed them that we could trap them but that usually it is much better(and a longer term solution) if we trap the whole pond and we discussed the feasibility of getting the condo association to pay for it. It sounded like a great idea to to prospective customer. Most of our muskrat jobs have been for homeowners or condo associations.

Muskrats build dens under the bank next to ponds. As the dens become older they do collapse and ruin the edge of the pond. I believe that the greater danger lies in the dens that haven’t collapsed. They can collapse under the weight of a lawnmower, potentially rolling the machine with operator on it. This can offer the homeowners or condo association a certain amount of liability if someone gets hurt.

We came out to give an estimate.We came out and saw two small ponds connected by a culvert.(Ponds connected by a culvert should always be trapped at the same time or new muskrats move in to the now vacant territory sooner than if you clean out both of ponds).

We price our muskrat jobs so that they are usually a function of time and gas. We will quote a price for a certain number of days of trapping, no guarantee that we catch anything, but no limit to how many we catch either. I believe this is the fairest for both parties. Some companies charge a setup and a per animal fee. Most people like the safety of having a fixed price. This specific job we sold 5 days of trapping.

Muskrat trapping  Olympia Fields
Muskrat trapping
Olympia Fields

We set the job on Monday and yesterday was our first check. 4 muskrats, two in each pond! Boy was that fun!  We will check for 3 more days per our contract. From experience, we should see catches drop off. Usually first nights catch is about half of what we catch for the total trapping program.

If you need muskrat trapping give us a call. We would love to help.


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