Mice Trapping and Removal

Mice Removal

Mice are one of the most common nuisance animals for residential and commercial properties alike. Motivated by the search for shelter and food, they fit into the smallest of spaces. They multiply quickly and leave droppings everywhere. They have short lifespans and die in walls, leaving an unpleasant odor that will last for days. While rare they are also carriers of the plague and other diseases.

Trapping Programs

Its a good thing that mice can be easily trapped.  We offer trapping programs in two variations.

The first one is when you have an infestation and need the mice out of your house. We can come out and set traps, with a couple of trap checks we can bring your house back to mouse free status!

The other type of trapping program that we offer is maintenance trapping. Maintenance trapping is useful in many situations. It involves boxes in likely or troublesome spots, checked bimonthly or other customized schedules. This program is best used when a full exclusion can’t accomplished due to structural or other deficiencies in the structure.  It is also used in commercial or food service situations where people don’t want poison laying or want to retain control of the bodies of the mice so there aren’t any secondary poisoning issues or odors problems.


Exclusion is the process of preventing more mouse infestations from happening again. Best left to the professionals, mouse exclusion is meticulous, as mice are small and can fit into tiny spaces. Doors, especially garage doors are very common entry points. Maybe the most overlooked mouse entry point is along the roof line. We get more mice in attic calls than anywhere else in the house. People are often surprised to find that it is mice in the attic and are often shocked to find that much noise comes from such a small animal. Often times, the initial call is for a much larger animal like a squirrel or raccoon.

If you deal with perennial mouse problems, usually in the late Fall or early Winter, mouse exclusion could be for you. Contact us to set up a time to come out and give you an estimate.

Just a note, sometimes a house has major issues that would  be too expensive to correct. In that case we would recommend a maintenance trapping program.

Clean Up

We offer clean up after mice, whether in a living space or removal and replacement of your attic insulation let us know what we can do for you.