Mooresville Wildlife Removal

Illiana Wildlife Services is your Mooresville wildlife removal and pest control specialists. The fact of the matter is we deliver our services all over Greater Indianapolis. In Mooresville, we can remove those seemingly un-harmful animals from that hollow part under your roof and ground floor. Yes, we are talking about the attic and the basement. With a license from the DNR, we claim to be the most reliable provider in Indiana for Mooresville wildlife removal.

As soon as our specialists have removed all the dead and living insects and animals from your attic and/or basement, you will receive a quote from us for fixing all the damages caused by the critters. While animals in your attic could be infected with rabies  it is rare. The real damage is the physical damage they end up doing to your attic, basement and other parts of house.

For instance, your insulation paper gets severely damaged if you don’t get the raccoons, squirrels or other rodents off your attic. With their pointed teeth, these animals keep on chewing insulation paper, electrical wiring, any furniture lying there and the ceiling. You not only get higher utility bills but also get disturbed by noise in the attic.

We give more importance to our customers than money. Our pros will inspect your house, particularly the basement and attic so you’ll have an idea of how much you will have to spend for removing animals, doing cleanup and repairing damaged ceiling, attic and roof. We don’t charge per animal.

Mooresville Wildlife Removal
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Aside from wildlife removal in Mooresville, such as raccoon removal, squirrel removal and bat removal, we also take care of the rest of wildlife pest management problems, like skunks in your yard or garden and skunks below your deck.

You may have no idea that bats could also be a problem, especially if there are a lot of them in your attic. Like other wildlife animals, they also defecate and urinate inside your attic spreading filth and producing noise. We don’t feel the need to trap bats; instead, we set up a one-way door for them to go out of the place.

For Mooresville wildlife removal in attics and basements, we do offer a flat rate after a good inspection of your house. This is because we need to know the size of your house, amount of infestation and damage caused before getting hired. Therefore, you can just give us a call (the numbers are given below) and schedule a day for our specialists to examine your attic, basement or other affected areas of your house.

Call us for all your Mooresville wildlife removal or control needs today!

Mooresville Wildlife Removal
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