Mokena Illinois Wildlife Removal

Do you find your trash bins tipped over and raided in the morning? Or your garden plants in disarray or in ruins? Chances are raccoons or other wild animals could be sneaking in your property in Mokena Illinois. Wildlife in urban and suburban areas can be a real source of problems. They can be destructive and can be a threat to health and safety.

Removing wildlife from your property can be a difficult and risky job. These animals may scratch or bite when they feel threatened. Moreover, removal of certain wildlife species requires being done by certified wildlife control and removal specialists.


Raccoons originated from the tropics but later on migrated to cooler places where they easily adapted. They are mammals that inhabit wooded areas near bodies of water, such as streams or rivers where they can easily find food. Raccoon diet consists of frogs, snails, and small aquatic invertebrates, such as clams, crayfish, and turtles. They also feed on fruits, vegetables, corn, and nuts.

Raccoons build their dens on burrows, tree hollows, and abandoned dens of other animals. Litter size is one up to seven kits, but three to four is more usual.

Raccoons as Property Invaders

Raccoons can easily to new environments, even in cities. Raccoons are nocturnal, which means they will be more active searching for food at night though raccoons can still go around during the day. They scavenge on garbage bins, raid gardens, eat pet foods, bird eggs, and fish in ponds.

You should avoid feeding raccoons because they will just keep coming back. Once they become at ease with the human presence they may attempt to enter homes as they are capable of opening door knobs and latches.

Raccoons can also cause significant damage to properties and become a threat to safety. In worse cases, they can remove shingles and roof tiles to gain entry in attics. Once inside, they can chew on electrical wire coverings, which may lead to fire incidents.

Illiana Raccoon Removal Services

As cute and harmless raccoons can seem, these animals can cause several problems if left unattended roaming about your property. Getting rid of them can be risky because they can get aggressive especially when they have their young to protect. In most US states, raccoons are protected animals which may make it necessary for you to hire certified wildlife control specialists.

If you want raccoons removed from your property, call us now. We offer safe and humane raccoon removal services.


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