Merrillville Animal Removal

At Illiana Wildlife Services, we have wildlife pest exclusion experts with a lot of training and experience under their belt. Not so long ago, we got a call to deal with an animal problem that was completely new to us. A restaurant located in the Merrillville rt. 30 area made a call to us. The caller explained that they wanted us to catch a sugar glider that had taken up residence in their store. That was a pet sugar glider and most likely, it escaped while its owner was not paying attention. Since we had no experience dealing with a case like this, we put our heads together and came up with a solid plan.

Merrillville Animal Removal
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When we got the call, the restaurant was open. We decided to hang on until the restaurant was closed. Once the restaurant was closed, it would become easier for us to search for the animal. We wanted to perform a thorough inspection with a hope to spot and catch the sugar glider. We had an option two if the first one wouldn’t work: the option two was to set up live traps with a fruit on them as bait in the ceiling girders.

A few hours after we got the call from the restaurant, our phone rang again. The call was from the same restaurant. The manager said that they had caught the sugar glider and that they didn’t need our services. It would have been fun for us to catch the animal but we were still happy that they found it quickly. After all, we don’t specialize in sugar glider removal.

We offer our services all over Indianapolis, Northwest IN, and Chicago land. If you are looking for a Merrillville animal removal and wildlife pest management expert, please call us. And don’t worry we can catch a sugar glider for you if you have one in your attic or basement.

We specialize in raccoon removal, bat removal, and squirrel removal from attics and basements. We offer our services all over Chicago land, Northwest IN, and Indianapolis. If you ever need Merrillville animal removal please give us a call.  Even if its a troublesome  sugar glider!

Merrillville Animal Removal
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