Melrose Park Wildlife Removal

Have you had enough of littered garbage, haphazard of animal waste in your yard, broken pots and half-eaten vegetables from your garden or torn shingles? Wildlife in your property can cause several problems which can worsen over time.

If you have raccoons, squirrels, or migrant birds invading your property, it’s best to hire a removal specialist to deal with them right away. Illiana Wildlife Services offers various wildlife solutions for commercial and residential properties.

Canada Geese

Canada goose is one of the most common birds in Canada and in many US states. Usually, Canada geese spend their summer in the northern part of North America then travel to the southern part as the weather gets colder. During migration, they form a huge ‘V’ as they travel up to 1,500 miles in 24 hours.

These birds tend to stay in places near a pond where berries or grains are available. However, a number of Canada geese have found permanent homes in suburban areas, golf courses, parks, and even airports.

Canada Geese as Suburban Invaders

Geese inhabiting in residential and commercial areas can cause several problems. These birds can leave piles of smelly droppings all over your lawn or garden or in pathways along the neighborhood. Geese droppings are not only messy. It can also carry diseases which may pass on to other animals or humans if it contaminates water sources.

Apart from causing haphazard, these birds can also destruct gardens by eating plants or flowers or by trampling on them.

Lastly, Canada geese can become aggressive especially mother geese with their offspring. Although they can’t cause serious injuries, their pecks will hurt.

Canada Geese Removal Services

Leaving these birds unattended on your property can only cause worse problems. However, getting rid of them may not be as simple since lethal methods are prohibited by the law.

You can modify your surroundings to make it less attractive to geese, but the best way to get rid of them effectively without harming them is to hire experts to do it. Geese removal experts from Illiana Wildlife Removal are equipped with the right tools and knowledge in getting rid of geese from your property for good while ensuring their safety.


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