Lowell Bat Removal

A funny thing just happened. Actually, probably not funny for the people going through it, but I do find it curious enough to write a post about it. I was recently called to give a Lowell bat removal estimate. When the customer gave me her address I had to laugh. This will be the 4th house we have done on a three block long street!

When you think about it, its not that implausible. We also happen to be working on our third house in one court in Valparaiso. Back to why its not implausible.  Bats are a beneficial species. They eat tons of insects every night. They are also a very small creature(read low on the food chain) with a low reproductive rate. Most females only have one pup a year. Certain species of bats have been under extreme pressure due to a disease that is called White Nose Syndrome that is killing them off rapidly.



The State of Indiana has laid out guidelines for the humane removal of bats from homes so that the bats are not harmed. ┬áSo we can get bats from your home, but if they have an affinity for an area they are going to pick the next attic with a crack that they can fit in to move into. That house might just be your neighbors! And they might just be giving me a call soon, or you might be that neighbor. Sometimes I get asked why someone’s house got bats and it may just be as simple as someone else got rid of them first.



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