Lockport Illinois Wildlife Removal

Raccoons destroying your precious garden plants? Bats living in your attic? Getting rid of these animals while making sure they are unharmed can be challenging especially if you know nothing about their behavior.

Good news is, Illiana Wildlife Services has a team of experienced wildlife removal specialists that can help you. Our removal services include safe and immediate removal of wildlife and preventing them from entering your property in Lockport Illinois again.


Bats have over 1,000 species. They are found in all parts of the world except in places where it’s too cold. Bats living in colder places battle the cold by migrating to warmer places or by hibernating at a short period of time.

According to the Bat Conservation International, bats make up one-fifth of the entire mammal population. They can be either solitary living in tree hollows living or live with a colony of 100 to 1,000 others in a cave or mine. Bats can see in the dark using their special ability called echolocation which helps them determine the distance of obstacles using the echo of the sound they make.

Bat diet may vary from fruits to insects, but 70 percent of these mammals eat mosquitoes, beetles, moths, and other night time insects which make their presence beneficial for insect control.

Bats as Property Intruders

Bats can easily get into the attic by squeezing themselves through tiny holes. They can live in attics unnoticed until they have formed a colony. Bats inhabiting homes can cause damage to properties, their waste can be a risk for diseases, and bat urine can also leave a reeking odor.

A single bat accidentally entering living quarters can be easily rid of. You can simply close the door connected to other rooms, open windows or door that lead outside then turn off the light and wait for it to find its way out. But this is not the case with a colony of bats living in your attic. In addition, bats are protected animals so you have to remove them safely from your property.

Illiana Bat Removal Services

With the help of certified bat control specialists, Illiana Wildlife Services can help you effectively get rid of bats by installing one-way devices in bat holes, which allow bats to exit but not reenter the place. Our services also include sealing of holes, repair, cleanup of bat wastes and odor removal.

If you are in need of a solution to your bat problems, contact us now.


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