La Grange Illinois Wildlife Removal

Wildlife wandering in urban and suburban areas is hardly a surprise anymore, nevertheless, they need to be dealt with before they can cause problems. Removing wildlife from your property can be a challenging task especially without assistance from an expert.

Illiana Wildlife Services has been providing a range of wildlife removal services in many areas. Our services not only include removal of wildlife but long-term solutions to help prevent wildlife invasion in the future.

One of the common wildlife invaders are bats. Find out what problems they can cause, why and how you should get rid of them.


Contrary to the popular idiom “blind as a bat”, bats can actually see. In fact, unlike most animals they can navigate in dark places, such as caves and mines, using their special ability called echolocation. They release sharp noises and use the echo to locate obstructions and openings.

There are more than a thousand species of bats all over the world except in Antarctica and the Arctic. These nocturnal flying mammals feed on fruits, nectar, and insects. About 70 percent of bat species consume insects. A single bat could eat up to 1,200 flying insects in an hour which makes them useful for insect control.

Bats as Menaces

Bats can be seen almost anywhere, particularly in places where there is an abundant source of food, even in urban and suburban areas. Often, bats seek shelter and form colonies in attics. While their presence can be beneficial they can cause several problems.

Accumulated bat dung, called bat guano, can attract or provide a nice environment for harmful organisms to thrive in. The spores can travel by air and get inhaled which can cause health problems. Bat urine leaves a strong stench that can spread to other parts of your home making it an unpleasant place to stay in. Lastly, bat wastes can leave stains on walls and weaken floorboards.

A single bat accidentally getting into your home can be easily rid of, but a colony of bats can be challenging. Bats are protected animals and hurting them is not an option.

Bat Removal Services

Removing a colony of bats is not easy even for experts. It needs careful study and planning which our bat removal officers are skilled at. Our bat removal services include full inspection of your property to locate the bat holes, installing one-way devices, sealing holes and openings, and cleanup.

If you have bats living in your attic, it’s best to deal with the problem right away. You can contact Illiana Wildlife Services for safe and reliable wildlife solutions.


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