Homewood Illinois Wildlife Removal

Wildlife entering yards, homes, and buildings are nothing new. These animals can be a risk to your health, safety, and your property. However, removing them on your own may not be the wisest solution because you could get yourself injured or bitten by the animal. It is a task best handled by wildlife removal professionals.

In suburban areas like Homewood, wildlife encounter in properties can happen anytime. We can help you remove any type of wildlife from your property safely and humanely.


Raccoon Removal Services in Homewood IL

Some wild raccoons have become accustomed to life in suburban areas. They scavenge for food in garbage cans, feast on leftover pet foods and raid fruit or vegetable gardens then seek shelter in unoccupied buildings or in attics.

Raccoons are both a nuisance and a threat. They eat and destroy garden plants and chew on wire coverings and wooden structures. They care also capable of opening doors and latches and can become aggressive if threatened.

Raccoons are animals protected by the law. It’s best to seek help from a registered professional to have them removed from your property. Our raccoon removal services include setting up live traps, relocating the animal, and installing fences and deterrents.

Skunk Removal Services in Homewood IL

Skunks are omnivores, which feed on insects, worms, small rodents, snakes, and fruits. When in suburban areas, they look for food in garbage cans, eat unfinished pet foods, and raid gardens. Apart from being a nuisance, skunks are a threat to humans and pets’ health because they can carry diseases, such as rabies, distemper, and tularemia.

Skunks can release an irritating odorous discharge when distressed or threatened. If you see one in your property, it’s best to call a professional to have the animal removed. We are expert in handling skunks in a way that prevents them from spraying their odorous discharge that is difficult to remove.


Geese Removal Services in Homewood IL

Geese often build their nests in areas near bodies of water, such as man-made ponds and swimming pools in private properties. Geese can be a problem because they can get aggressive against humans. Their droppings can also litter yards and pools.

If you spot a goose in your property, expect to find its family nearby. Getting rid of them completely can be difficult as they are known to come back to the same place again to build their nest. But, with our help, you won’t have to worry about these birds from coming back at your place again. Our geese removal services include setting up netting traps, relocating the animals, and modifying the place to make it less attractive to geese and other birds.

If you see wildlife lurking in your property, call us right away. We provide short-term and long-term solutions to any type of wildlife problems.


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