Homer Glen Illinois Wildlife Removal

Wildlife invading gardens, lawns, homes, and buildings in Homer Glen Illinois is nothing new. They are usually attracted to invade places where there are nearby food sources and a safe place where they can build dens or nests. While animals should be protected, wildlife outside their natural habitat can become a problem.


Squirrels are rodents found in woodland. There are about 200 squirrel species. They can either be ground, flying or tree squirrels.

Ground squirrels, as their name implies, stay on the ground. They are fast and clever. They feed on nuts, acorns, seeds, and other plant foods. Ground squirrels have the ability to dig burrows to store food and build underground tunnels where they can hibernate.

Flying squirrels inhabit trees. They cannot actually fly, but they have flaps of skin in their arms and legs that allow them to glide for up to 150 feet or farther. Flying squirrels feed on fruits, nuts, eggs, and insects.

Tree squirrels behave similarly to ground squirrels. They feed on nuts, acorns, seeds, eggs, and insects. Instead of building burrows or tunnels, tree squirrels are excellent in climbing trees.

Squirrels as Pests

Squirrels are among the common property invaders. They can live harmoniously with humans. However, squirrels can become a problem. They can eat garden plants and homegrown plant foods.  They can destroy landscaped gardens with their digging habits. They can cause damage to properties as they seek shelter in attics, chimneys, and porches.

In worst cases, squirrels can chew on electrical wiring once inside a building, which can result in fire.

Squirrel Removal Services

Squirrels can scratch and bite when handled by humans. If you want to remove squirrels residing in your attic or get rid of the squirrels destroying your garden, call a wildlife removal expert for help.

Illiana Wildlife Services has been providing squirrel removal services for years. Our certified squirrel removal officers are skilled at using various methods to effectively and safely remove squirrels from your property. Our services include setting up non-lethal traps, exclusion devices, repair, and habitat modification.

We also have removal services for other wildlife, such as bats, birds, beavers, geese, groundhogs, moles, raccoons, and skunks.


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