Harvey Illinois Wildlife Removal

Wild animals lurk in residential and commercial areas mainly for two reasons, food and safety from their predators. If you happen to find a wild animal in your home or in your backyard, call a wildlife control or removal professional near you.

Harvey is a home to an ethnically diverse neighborhood, but not to a diverse wildlife. Yet wild animals straying into homes and commercial establishments are a common occurrence. If you live in Harvey and happen to have an encounter with wild animals on your property, do not attempt to handle it yourself. We have professionals that can humanely and effectively remove these animals.

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Beaver Trapping in Harvey IL

Beavers are common property invaders. They can cause damage to properties, contaminate water sources, and flooding. While beavers may seem harmless, they can be sly and intelligent which can make it difficult for you to get rid of them by yourself. If you spot beavers on your property, let an expert get rid of them effectively.

Our beaver removal services include installation of levelers and flow devices to prevent flooding caused by beaver dams, setting up traps, and relocating caught animals if possible.

Mole Removal in Harvey IL

Often mistaken for rodents, moles are mammals that can grow up to 8 inches. They normally live in farmlands and grasslands but can stray in urban and suburban areas to look for food and a secure breeding location.

Moles are active all year round. They search for food and shelter by digging tunnels in soil made evident by the occurrence of molehills in your yard. Moles can be beneficial as they feed on insects and grubs, but their tunneling habits can cause damage to your lawn and vegetation. Though harmless in general, moles can become aggressive when handled by humans.

Getting rid of moles can be quite tricky and tedious because they can easily dig other passageways. If you suspect a mole invasion in your yard, it’s better to let an expert handle the problem.

Our mole removal services include determining active mole tunnels, which are necessary for setting up effective traps.


Bat Removal in Harvey IL

Bats gain entry through small holes of poorly maintained structures. They are often undetected as they start off in small numbers until they have multiplied to form a large colony.

Bats can damage your property and cause health issues. However, they are protected animals, therefore, removal should be done with caution. If bats inhabit your property, let professional bat removers handle them effectively.

Our bat removal services include:

  • Full Property Inspection
  • Installation of One-way Devices
  • Sealing Entry Holes and Repair
  • Cleanup and Odor Removal

Our wildlife removal services are done by professionals skilled in these animals’ behaviors and in the use of effective, advanced removal techniques. Do not hesitate to call us now.


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