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Licensed for Waterfowl Removal in Indiana

Waterfowl, birds that are typically found in or near water, are federally regulated because they are migratory (crossing state lines) but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be controlled. It just means that there is more paperwork involved. We can walk you through and help you fill out the necessary permits.

Geese Control and Removal

Tired of scaring unwanted geese off of your property? Do repellents, deterrents, and decoys seem ineffective? Geese are generally challenging to control and remove. So, it is practical to let a geese control and removal expert handle this tough job.

Have you ever wondered why you see flocks of geese on your property year-round? It’s because they can adapt to different surroundings. They can even get comfortable in an environment with big crowds, playing children and loud noises. Being herbivores, geese are most attracted to secured areas with an abundant supply of food and freshwater, green, manicured grasses, potential nesting sites, and those with few predators.

In fact, planter boxes are becoming their nesting sites of choice. Geese are exceedingly aggressive, posting sentinels at their nesting and feeding sites. Most of the time, defense of their “territories” can lead to serious injury to people or pets who venture closely.

At Illiana Wildlife Services, it is our mission to provide you the most effective, humane and eco-friendly Indiana goose control service possible. We utilize special techniques for efficient and long-lasting results while putting the biological and behavioral aspects of goose activity in mind for ignoring these factors will likely not solve the problem.

Our geese control and removal process usually involves the following:

  • Removal of aggressive nesting pair
  • Bird round ups
  • Nest destruction

Just contact us and we can provide you a custom geese control management program based on your specific requirements.


Geese Damage and Diseases

Geese are valuable natural resources but their population explosion has generated a serious problem to many business owners and homeowners associations. Geese are considered nuisance birds if they reside in the wrong areas. They can cause damage to agricultural crops through trampling or consumption. They also cause aesthetic damage to parks, playgrounds, golf courses, soccer fields, parking lots, school premises, and other establishments.

Another big issue are geese droppings; geese leave large quantities of feces, which can be challenging to clean up. As a matter of fact, a single goose can defecate up to 1.5 pounds of feces every 20 minutes daily. Did you know that geese are also a health hazard? Yes, their droppings contains a wide array of pathogens (Salmonella, Campylobacter, Escherichia coli, Listeria, and Chlamydia) and parasites (Cryptosporidium, Giardia, and Toxoplasmosis) that can infect humans.

Apart from the pollution they cause to reservoirs and ponds, their droppings can also increase the risk of personal injury resulting from falls as people especially kids lose footing on the slippery manure. Another threat is air safety. Geese are one of the main birds involved in airline bird strikes worldwide.

With that said, getting rid of these birds promptly is critical due to the negative impact they can cause to the health, outdoor structures and day-to-day operation of your  business.

Call the geese control and removal experts at Illiana Wildlife Services for an assessment. We will visit your site and assess your needs free of charge. Allow us to make your property as goose free as possible.


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