Evergreen Park Illinois Wildlife Removal

Wildlife invading residential and commercial properties is a common occurrence. If wild animals are causing destruction in your property, the best thing to do is hire a wildlife removal or control expert.

Illiana Wildlife Services provides humane wildlife removal services in Evergreen Park. Our wildlife services include removal, exclusion, prevention, repair, and cleanup.


Bat Removal Services in Evergreen Park IL

Bats come in different species, which are either solitary or colonial. The latter can become more of a pest because these bats can live inside a building or an attic undetected until they have formed a large colony.

Bat guano and urine can accumulate and cause health problems and damage to your property. However, removing a colony of bats is an impossible task especially for someone who lacks knowledge on these mammals’ behavior.

Our bat removal experts can easily identify the species of bats and their corresponding behavior then carries out removal methods, such as the installation of one-way devices in bat holes and sealing of holes. Our services also include repair, cleanup, and removal of odor.

Raccoon Removal Services in Evergreen Park IL

Raccoons are common intruders that can easily adjust to city life. These animals are omnivorous. They scavenge on trash cans; eat garden plants, leftover pet foods, crops, and bird’s eggs.

Raccoons can build their dens in porches, attics, or chimneys. They can cause destruction to houses and buildings as they try to gain entrance. In worst cases, they can pull off roof tiles and fascia boards.

These animals can be difficult to get rid of as they are great climbers. Raccoons can also get aggressive especially those with their young. You should avoid removing a racoon from your property by yourself because it could be infected with rabies.

We can help you safely remove racoons from your property by habitat modification, exclusion, and trapping.

squirrel in flight

Squirrel Removal Services in Evergreen Park IL

Squirrels mainly come in three types, tree squirrel, pine squirrel, and flying squirrel.  These rodents feed on nuts, seeds, succulent plants, insects, eggs, and nestlings. When in suburban and urban areas, they can raid trash cans, and eat leftover pet foods and garden plants.

Apart from being a nuisance, these animals can also be destructive and a threat. They can ruin landscaped lawns with their burrowing habit and cause damage to structures when they create holes to gain entry. Once inside, they can chew on electrical wires that may lead to a fire.

Getting rid of a squirrel can be a tough task especially with the animal’s climbing prowess. But, our squirrel removal experts can remove them effectively.


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