Elmwood Park Illinois Wildlife Removal

Wildlife wanders in urban and suburban areas to search for food and shelter, which can lead to problems in several ways. Removing wildlife from your property on your own can lead to more problems than solutions.  It is a risky and tedious task best left in expert hands.

Illiana Wildlife Services offer removal services for different wildlife intruders anywhere in Elmwood Park. Our wildlife removal experts are the best in town. They are skilled in removing or controlling wildlife using various cost-effective and safe methods.


Squirrel Removal Services in Elmwood Park IL

Squirrels are non-aggressive animals, but they can cause damage on properties and pose threat to safety.

Squirrels can easily get into gated properties by climbing surrounding trees. They can eat and destroy plants and create burrows in landscaped gardens. Squirrels can also get into houses and live in attics by creating tiny holes. Once inside, they can chew on electrical wiring, which can result to fire incident.

Squirrels can be difficult to get rid of with their climbing abilities, but we can set up traps to effectively remove them from your property then install deterrents and modify the environment to prevent invasion in the future.

Bat Removal Services in Elmwood Park IL

Bats are beneficial to the ecosystem as they help control the population of night flying insects. However, bats can become pests in suburban and urban areas.

Bats are either solitary or colonial. Solitary bats are easier to get rid of when they accidentally get into enclosed structures. Colonial bats, on the other hand, can live in attics by entering tiny holes or gaps. They can remain undetected until they have formed a colony. Bats have fast metabolisms and their waste can cause several problems, from damage to structures, unpleasant odor to health issues.

Getting rid of a colony of bats is a difficult task for an ordinary citizen. Our bat removal experts are knowledgeable in these flying mammals’ behavior and can effectively get rid of them using exclusion devices and deterrents.


Raccoon Removal Services in Elmwood Park IL

Raccoons are clever mammals that can easily adjust to city life. They can tip over garbage cans, eat and destroy crops and garden plants, and eat pet foods left outside. Raccoons are clever and are capable of opening door knobs and latches. They can get into the kitchen to search for food.

When in suburban areas, raccoons seek shelter in porches, attics, and chimneys. They can cause damage to structures as they create holes to gain entry.

Frightening methods can make raccoons aggressive and will only get rid of them temporarily. We offer long-term solutions to raccoon problems, such as trapping, exclusion, installation of deterrents, and habitat modification.


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