Elmhurst Illinois Wildlife Removal

Illiana Wildlife Services has been providing efficient solutions to various wildlife problems in many areas in the U.S. Whether in a residential or commercial property, our certified wildlife officers can safely and humanely remove wildlife from your property. We also offer other wildlife solutions, such as repair, cleanup and removal of dead animal bodies.

Wildlife invasion is nothing new in Elmhurst. If you want wild animals removed from your property, we have trained specialists who can help remove these animals safely and efficiently.

Bat Removal Services in Elmhurst IL

Bats come in different species, but the majority of them feed on night-flying insects considered as pests. Bats can be beneficial, but can also cause problems especially when they seek shelter in attics. These flying mammals can enter tiny holes and live in attics undetected until they have formed a large colony.

Bat wastes are the main cause of problems. Their wastes can fill up an entire space and attract harmful organisms, which can cause health problems. Their urine can leave a pervasive odor making your home an unpleasant environment to live in. The wastes can also stain walls and floor boards.

Getting rid of bats is a difficult task especially if you lack knowledge on their behavior, but we have bat removal experts who can help you effectively get rid of them.

Raccoon Removal Services in Elmhurst IL

In their natural habitat, racoons feed on aquatic invertebrates, fruits, nuts, and vegetables. They nest in hollow trees, cavities, burrows, and underground crevices.

Raccoons are one of the common invaders in suburban and urban areas. These furry animals can easily adjust to city life. They can enter homes and yards to search for food. They can eat and destroy garden plants, eat abandoned pet foods, and search for food in loosely covered garbage cans.  Raccoons can also seek shelter in chimneys, attics, and porches. In worst cases, they can remove roof tiles and shingles to gain entry.

Raccoons may scratch and bite when threatened. If racoons have become a problem for you, we have raccoon removal specialists who can effectively and safely remove them from your property.


Squirrel Removal Services in Elmhurst IL

Squirrels prefer to live in forested areas where they can easily feed on, nuts, seeds, fruits, berries, and plants with succulent stems. These small animals can live harmoniously with humans, but they can still cause several problems.

Squirrels can dig burrows in landscaped gardens. They can create holes in structures to gain entry and once inside they can chew on electrical wirings which can result in fire.

Squirrels can become aggressive when handled by humans. If you want them removed from your property, it’s best to call licensed personnel. Our squirrel removal services include trapping and exclusion.


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