Downers Grove Illinois Wildlife Removal

Wildlife enters residential or commercial buildings to look for new food sources and, sometimes, a new home.  These animals need to be removed or controlled because they can become a threat to your health, safety, pets and property. However, removing wildlife from your property on your own can be risky.

If you live anywhere in Downers Grove, we can happily provide you solutions to your wildlife problems.


Raccoon Removal Services in Downers Grove IL

Raccoons are common property invaders. These animals prefer to live in wooded areas with nearby water sources. When in suburban and urban areas, raccoons can live by searching for food in trash cans, eating leftover pet foods, and looting gardens. These animals have nimble hands and are capable of opening door knobs and latches to get into the kitchen to look for food.

Raccoons can also build their den in porches and attics. They can create holes and in some cases, tear off roof tiles or shingles to gain entry. Once inside, they can chew on electrical wire coverings which can result in fire.

Raccoons are protected animals in many places. Only certified wildlife specialists are allowed to trap and remove them from a place. Our raccoon removal services include setting up non-lethal traps, exclusion, and habitat modification.

Bat Removal Services in Downers Grove IL

Bats are beneficial because these mammals help to control the population of insects. However, they can become a problem. Bats can live in attics by entering tiny holes or gaps and they often go unnoticed until their population has multiplied.

Bat wastes can cause several problems. It can cause stains on walls and floorboards. Bat guano can accumulate and attract various harmful organisms which can cause health issues. Bat urine leaves a strong odor that can spread to other areas of your home.

Getting rid of bats effectively requires proper skills. Out bat removal services include property inspection, installation of one-way devices, exclusion, repair, cleanup, and odor removal.


Squirrel Removal Services in Downers Grove IL

Squirrels come in different species and their behavior may slightly vary accordingly. Squirrels mainly feed on nuts, seeds, berries, fruits, and succulent plants. Carnivorous species can eat nestlings and eggs.

Squirrels can build burrows and tunnels which can ruin garden plants and landscaped lawns. They can leave biological wastes which can be hazardous to health.  They can create holes to gain entry to houses and outbuildings and once inside they may chew on wires and cause a short circuit which can result in fire.

Removing squirrels from your property can be risky as these animals can scratch and bite when threatened. It’s best to hire an expert to handle the task safely and efficiently. Our squirrel removal services include trapping, exclusion, and habitat modification.


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