Dolton Illinois Wildlife Removal

Wild animals entering yards, homes, and establishments are a common occurrence. These animals could either be looking for food, safe shelter or escaping from a predator. If you happen to spot an intruding wild animal in your property, the best thing to do is call a wildlife control professional to remove it, especially if you know nothing about the behavior of the animal.

The village of Dolton located south of downtown Chicago is a thriving suburban community wherein wildlife invasion is a common problem. Rodents, four-legged mammals, birds, and bats are mainly the culprits.

If you happen to encounter these wild animals, call the nearest wildlife removal company in your area to remove them in your property safely and effectively.

Bat Removal in Dolton IL

Bats can enter small holes in poorly maintained structures of buildings and take shelter in attics or in dark uninhabited areas. They usually start in small numbers and if left unnoticed they can breed and form a large colony. Bats have a fast metabolism and can excrete massive wastes. Over time, the wastes can accumulate and give off stinking odor. Their wastes also emit a chemical that can be harmful to children and the elderly. They can also carry bugs which can crawl into living areas.

Getting rid of bats on your own is difficult especially if you lack knowledge on their behavior. The best way to get rid of them for good is to hire a professional bat remover.

Our experts in bat removal are particularly skilled in determining bat species and their specific behaviors. They are also experts in:

  • Full Property Inspection
  • Installation of One-way Devices in Holes
  • Sealing Entry Holes
  • Cleanup and Removal of Odor

Groundhog Removal in Dolton IL

Groundhogs or woodchucks are a type of rodent that feeds on plants. They can get in yards and gardens in search of food. Groundhogs are hardly a threat to safety as they avoid humans. However, they can destroy and eat garden plants, vegetables, and crops. They dig burrows and can destroy lawns. They are also carriers of rabies and diseases.

Our groundhog removal services include setting up traps and removal of the animal and installation of fences and wire deterrents to prevent groundhog invasion in the future.

Écureuil roux -- Red Squirrel (close-up)

Squirrel Removal in Dolton IL

Squirrels are among the most common wild animals that invade yards and homes. These animals are non-aggressive, but they can be destructive as they forage for food and seek shelter. Squirrels can trample on plants, dig holes to stash their food and get inside your attic or chimney to build nests. Squirrels living in your home can be a danger to your safety because they can chew on electrical wirings and wooden beams.

Our squirrel removal services include exclusion and relocation of the animals, and modify areas of your property that provide these animals easy access.


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