Deck Exclusion

Decks are elevated flat surfaces that are usually found in backyards. They are often used for leisure purposes, providing a nice little space for sunbathing, barbecue parties, stargazing and the like. Although decks provide homeowners with all these conveniences, they usually forget that small and medium sized animals can easily enter and nest beneath their wooden decks. Animals like skunks, squirrels, raccoons, chipmunks, opossums, and rats are frequently found hiding below decks because it provides them with a dry and relatively safe nesting place.

These small critters can become troublesome. Imagine opening your shed or looking underneath your deck and seeing small creatures running around. Disturbing, isn’t it? Luckily, we offer animal wildlife control services that can help solve even the worst deck infestations.

Avoid Removing the Animals Yourself

No matter how tempting it may be, we highly recommend that you leave the animals alone. Attempting to capture the animals without using the proper equipment can be hazardous. These animals may carry various diseases and parasites that are easily passed on to humans and household pets. If you see a small hole under your  deck, avoid digging it out. Burrowing animals, like groundhogs, become extremely defensive when their burrows are bothered.

Do not attempt to exclude the critters without first consulting professional wildlife removal experts. Adult female animals sometimes give birth under these decks. If you exclude the mother and seal up all the entry points, the babies may eventually die and rot, causing severe odours.

Deck Exclusion

Deck Exclusion Services

Before conducting the deck exclusion, we always check the entire under-deck area to identify all the critters that have taken up residence. We also look for small cracks and holes that need to be sealed or covered up.

Here at Illiana Wildlife Services, we know how to effectively capture  and remove animals without damaging your precious decks. Our company firmly believes that wildlife exclusion procedures should be done as humanely as possible. We do our best to keep the animals safe. If you want to keep your deck as critter-free as possible, contact us now!

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