Crown Point Wildlife Removal

Illiana Wildlife Services is your Crown Point wildlife pest control and animal trapping specialist. We have a special team of Crown Point wildlife removal experts. Both in winter and summer, your attic can get infested with seasonal animals, such as raccoons, bats, squirrels and snakes. You can count on us for the removal of the mentioned animals in the attic because we are state licensed.

Undoubtedly, critters leave an attic full of filth and damaged areas. After we have used our special methods to rid your attic of every single dead or living animal, we will thoroughly examine the damaged areas of your attic, such as torn ceiling paper, torn electric wires and torn roof in order to give you an estimate for repairs.

Not so long ago, we trapped and removed a raccoon from the attic of a house. The mammal had caused so much damage to the insulation that the owner was planning to sell her house. But she made an insurance claim and called us for attic repair in Crown Point. After we performed repairs, the condition of the attic improved to a great extent.

Crown Point Wildlife Removal
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Our service charges won’t hurt your wallet since we offer an affordable inspection rate of your property. So, you can save a lot of money if you hire us for raccoon removal, squirrel removal, bat removal or attic restoration in Crown Point.

Although our trained technicians specialize in removing critters like raccoons and squirrels, they can be of great assistance even if you have moles or skunks digging up your lawn or yard. Taking care of these animals is also part of our job.

Bats can also disturb you a lot if they have taken up residence in your basement or attic. For bat removal in Crown Point, we use a specially designed one-way door known as Bat cone to let the bats out of the residence.

An inspection of the attic or basement that is infested with critters is necessary for a correct cost estimate. Therefore, we request you to call us for an inspection, and the good news is the inspection rate is very reasonable. So, you have nothing to worry about.

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